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A look at the first Drag King House in Amsterdam – The House of Løstbois

This exhibition presents us with an inside look at Amsterdam’s first Drag King House – The House of Løstbois. Born out of a drag king academy set up by drag educator and mother ‘Taka Taka’ and artist ‘Father Julius’ in March 2019. The House of Løstbois began as a creative exploration of gender, and became so much more; a community, a support system, a family, a source of joy reaching far beyond pride.

Kin is a series of photographs made by documentary photographer Stacey Yates – aka ‘The Bill Please’, and is the beginning of a broader project giving us a personal insight into the development of this queer world. In sharing these photos Bill provides us with glimpses of intimate and personal moments with his drag siblings while simultaneously exploring his own gender identity.

‘Kin’ is used in reference to the term ‘chosen family’. ‘What hasn’t been said about queers and family? Indeed queers choose their own. Rejection and isolation births a yearning to be seen for who you are, to be celebrated for it. To truly belong.

In the Løstbois rehearsals, gender expectations melt away, allowing space for discovery, excitement and support. Club ChUrch Amsterdam is the habitat for the Løstbois providing the house with structure, resources, rehearsal space, and of course, a stage. For many, this kind of performance space enables a safe, brave and supportive environment for exploration and play.

Finding one another felt like finding a spring behind the rocks; like building an oasis in the middle of the desert, here behind the heavy doors of queer cruise club – Club ChUrch.

Location: IHLIA Plaza, Oosterdokskade 143, 3rd floor (OBA Oosterdok)

When: 14 May – 24 July 2022

More information: Text by Liri Dank aka ‘Rock De Bizarre’, founding member of the House of Løstbois

More information about the photographer you find on the website of Stacey Yates

Photography exhibition at IHLIA Plaza: Fabian Landewee

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