Collecting the past and present informs and inspires the future

IHLIA is the heritage organisation with a socially relevant and indispensable collection.

IHLIA is an independent organisation located in OBA Oosterdok in Amsterdam. IHLIA is continuously involved in collecting information about the LGBTI community and making it accessible. LGBTI stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersexe person. Anyone can turn to IHLIA for information about homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders, and about their history, everyday life and culture.

The archive contains collections that are complete to a large extent and it contains several unique key collections and archives of other organizations. The archive in general is considered top quality and has national and international significance.

This archive is IHLIA’s guarantee for preserving the information of yesterday and today for tomorrow: that will keep LGBTI history alive for target groups in the future. Its function as a heritage organisation is to promote the social acceptance of LGBTIs. IHLIA focuses on LGBTI-related themes with regard to the lives of individuals and the LGBTI community in order to contribute to a balanced image of the entire society and to social well-being.

Executive Board of the IHLIA Foundation

  • Koen Hilberdink (chairperson)
  • Marcel van Steijn (treasurer)
  • Remco van Dam (secretary)
  • Wietske Dotinga
  • Stephanie Schnorr
  • Judith Schuyf
  • Dino Suhonic

Executive Manager

Lonneke van den Hoonaard

Head of Collection

Wilfred van Buuren


  • Feargal Agard
  • Annelies van Brink
  • Berry Feith
  • Danny Halim
  • Fleur Jacobs
  • Anne van Lierop
  • Gemma Rameckers
  • Manon Roeper
  • Thea Sibbel
  • Dewi Vrenegoor
  • Jack van der Wel
  • Gerrit Weßel

Project staff

  • Alex Bakker (coordination Extraordinary History)
  • Herman Boers (projectleider Pink Life Stories)
  • Hannah van Herk (project manager Never in the closet again and photographer collection)
  • Martien Sleutjes (design, editing and printing Pink Life Stories and historical research)
  • Helga Schoemakers (new collection management system and data storage)
  • Anna Timmerman (quartermaster Rainbow Museum)


  • Franklin Cremer
  • Rens Dekkers
  • Gerrit Groenendijk
  • Marjet van der Heijden
  • Niels de Konink
  • Daniel Manor
  • Martine Markus
  • Alvaro Villalobos
  • Gert van Vliet

Board of the Friends of IHLIA

  • Josee Rothuizen (chairperson)
  • Marcel van Steijn (treasurer)
  • Werner Zonderop (secretary)
  • Paul Overdijk
  • Janfrans van der Eerden

IHLIA Committee of Recommendation 

  • Boris Dittrich (former member of the Dutch Lower House, D66)
  • Peter van Eeten (former policy assistant in the Ministry of VWS)
  • Maria Heijne (director of the library of UvA and HvA)
  • Jaap Kloosterman (former director of the International Institute of Social History)
  • Henk Krol (former chief director of Gay Krant)
  • Hans van Manen (choreographer/ photographer)
  • Joyce Outshoorn (professor of women’s studies at University of Leiden)
  • Peter Rehwinkel (former mayor of Groningen)
  • Anne Lize van der Stoel (former chairwoman of the District of Central Amsterdam)
  • Chris van Wijk (former policy assistant at the Ministry of OCW)


Visiting address IHLIA
OBA Oosterdok
Oosterdokskade 143, 3rd floor
1011 DL Amsterdam

Tel: 020-5230837

Exhibits on the IHLIA Plaza
Free to visit every day, follow OBA opening times


Visiting address IHLIA
OBA Oosterdok
Oosterdokskade 143, 3rd floor
1011 DL Amsterdam

Tel: 020-5230837

Exhibitions on IHLIA Plaza
The exhibitions are on display at the OBA during opening hours


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Archief activiteiten

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