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Extraordinary history. Transgender in the Netherlands

Seventy years of history of trans persons in the Netherlands

The exhibition Extraordinary History. Transgender in the Netherlands tells the story of the long road from rejection and prejudice to emancipation and recognition. Seventy years of history of trans persons in the Netherlands comes together in a visually rich exhibition with life-size portrait photographs, film interviews and unique objects.

With personal stories, we show the courage people have (had) to be themselves, against societal images and expectations. Discover the diversity and richness of Dutch transgender history!

On tour!
The IHLIA exhibition went on a tour! After Amsterdam, it was the turn of the following places to see the exhibition:

8 August – 22 September 2023
Bevrijdingsmuseum Zeeland in Nieuwdorp (dicht bij Goes)

15 November – 13 December 2022
Studium Generale TU Eindhoven

5 July – 19 August 2022
ECI cultuurfabriek in Roermond

15 April – 15 June 2022
Gemeentehuis Oss

14 January – 31 March 2022
Rozet in Arnhem – video opening via YouTube

6 November – 31 December 2021
Vrijheidsmuseum in Groesbeek

Location: IHLIA Plaza, Oosterdokskade 143, 3rd floor (OBA Oosterdok)

When: 24 June – 10 October 2021

Made possible by:

Photography exhibition at IHLIA Plaza: Fabian Landewee

On June 23, 2021, the opening at IHLIA was graced with a speech by Lisa van Ginneken, who recently became the first transgender person to become a member of Parliament for D66, and a panel discussion with people from different generations featured in the exhibition.

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