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From December, we open Grant Watson’s extensive archive of interviews on radical life practices

How We Behave presents materials from researcher Grant Watson’s expansive archive of interviews about radical life practices, which he has been conducting and collecting for more than ten years.

Taking French philosopher Michel Foucault’s notion of “technologies of the self” as a point of departure, Watson’s archive is driven by an interest to hear people’s stories – people who are mostly in the arts; more from the edges than the centre; sometimes linked to political work but not necessarily so; disproportionately queer rather than definitively LGBTQIA+; and privileged in the sense of having cultural capital but often precarious.

The exhibition makes available for visitors a wide selection of materials from the How We Behave archive, including transcripts, audio recordings and video portraits with interviewees from San Francisco to São Paulo, Utrecht to Delhi, Athens to Amsterdam. The exhibition is accompanied by a selection of materials related to radical life practice(s) from IHLIA’s collection, which houses an international archive of LGBTI histories.  

How We Behave / An Archive of Radical Practice is a collaboration between IHLIA LGBTI Heritage and If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution

The exhibition will be free to visit at IHLIA at IHLIA Plaza for a month from 11 December.

The opening will take place on 10 December from 16.00 – 18.00 hrs.


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Exhibits on the IHLIA Plaza
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