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Mosse Lectures

The George Mosse Fund Foundation of the University of Amsterdam aims to promote gay and lesbian studies. Gay and lesbian studies has existed at the University of Amsterdam since 1978 as a specialism within the social sciences.

On his death in 1999, the American historian George Mosse bequeathed the university in recognition of the importance of the cultural-historical approach to homosexuality in Amsterdam.

With the help of the fund, lectures are organised, in collaboration with IHLIA LGBTI Heritage, given by people from different backgrounds, but who all have a common ground with (gay) sexuality.

Previous Mosse lectures have been held by Hafid Bouazza, Marjan Sax, Ruud Douma alias Dolly Bellefleur, Bas Heijne, Maaike Meijer, Gerardjan Rijnders, Gerrit Komrij, Gloria Wekker, Stephan Sanders, M. Februari, Ted van Lieshout, Jet Bussemaker, Mohammed Benzakour, Hedy d’Ancona, Simone van Saarloos, Gert Hekma en Karin Spaink.

The next Mosse Lecture is is not yet known


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