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Love invents us  / 

Amy Bloom.New York, NY: Vintage Books, 1997 - 205 p.
uitgave: New York, NY: Vintage Books, 1997 - 205 p.
samenvatting: National Book Award finalist Amy Bloom has written a tale of growing up that is sharp and funny, rueful and uncompromisingly real. A chubby girl with smudged pink harlequin glasses and a habit of stealing Heath Bars from the local five-and-dime, Elizabeth Taube is the only child of parents whose indifference to her is the one sure thing in her life. When her search for love and attention leads her into the arms of her junior-high-school English teacher, things begin to get complicated. And even her friend Mrs. Hill, a nearly blind, elderly black woman, can't protect her when real love--exhilarating, passionate, heartbreaking--enters her life in the gorgeous shape of Huddie Lester. With her finely honed style and her unflinching sensibility, Bloom shows us how profoundly the forces of love and desire can shape a life.

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Love invents us
cat. (bloom/lov) fb
Amy Bloom.

Queer & Feminist : Poetry Anthology

Rotterdam: Unwanted Words, 2021 - 211 p.: ill.
uitgave: Rotterdam: Unwanted Words, 2021 - 211 p.: ill.
samenvatting: The Unwanted Words Queer & Feminist Poetry Anthology is a compilation of poems written by a selection of 50 poets and artists based in the Netherlands. It covers a range of topics relating to feminism and the queer experience and perspective, honouring intersectionality and embracing BIPOC voices. This anthology celebrates the talent and stories of our diverse community in an effort to sow seeds of interest, inspiration and enthusiasm about Queer and Feminist poetry. The Queer & Feminist Poetry Anthology was initiated by Unwanted Words Project, an award-winning platform for up & coming queer voices working with poetry and spoken word, based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Unwanted Words is the first platform for LGBTQ+ poets and Spoken Word artists in the Netherlands. We are on a mission to provide a stage for marginalised voices and create an archive of LGBTQIA+ and feminist poets, writers, spoken word artists who need to be celebrated and heard. We strive to create opportunities for queer connection and growth, such as our Queer Poetry Nights event series, spoken word workshops, our Queer & Femininist Poetry Awards and digital content, promoting and amplifying queer voices from an intersectional perspective. This anthology is supported by Gemeente Rotterdam, Pitcher Perfect 010 and WORM Rotterdam.

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Queer & Feminist : Poetry Anthology
cat. (queer/fem) fb ODE3 BLOEMLEZINGEN

Queer Nature : A Poetry Anthology  / 

Michael Walsh.Pittsburgh, PA: Autumn House Press, 2022 - 375 p.
uitgave: Pittsburgh, PA: Autumn House Press, 2022 - 375 p.
samenvatting: This anthology amplifies and centers LGBTQIA+ voices and perspectives in a collection of contemporary nature poetry. Showcasing over two hundred queer writers from the nineteenth to the twenty-first century, Queer Nature offers a new context for and expands upon the canon of nature poetry while also offering new lenses through which to view queerness and the natural world. In the introduction, editor Michael Walsh writes that the anthology is "concerned with poems that speak to and about nature as the term is applied in everyday language to queer and trans bodies and identities . . . Queer Nature remains interested in elements, flora, fauna, habitats, homes, and natural forces--literary aspects of the work that allow queer and trans people to speak within their specific cultural and literary histories of the abnormal, the animal, the elemental, and the unnatural." The anthology features poets including Elizabeth Bishop, Richard Blanco, Kay Ryan, Jericho Brown, Allen Ginsberg, Natalie Diaz, and June Jordan, as well as emerging voices such as Jari Bradley, Alicia Mountain, Eric Tran, and Jim Whiteside.

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Queer Nature : A Poetry Anthology
cat. (walsh-m/que/nat) fb ODE3 BLOEMLEZINGEN
Michael Walsh.

Molot Verd'm : English Compilation.

[S.l]: Molot Vedm, [2013] - 46 p.: ill.
uitgave: [S.l] : Molot Vedm, [2013] - 46 p.: ill.
  1. activisme
  2. lhbti
samenvatting: In eigen beheer uitgegeven geïllustreerde artikelen, gericht op queer, in de vorm van zine met daarin een selectie van artikelen uit alle nummers, vertaald in het Engels. Being published since 8 March 2013, up to the moment has 4 issues, Molot verd'm (from rus. The Hammer of the Witches) - the first anarcha feminist zine in Russia in the last 10 years, has been used as weapons to express all what we feel towards this capitalistic patriarchal society, prosecution of sexist, homophobic, machist, and racist individuals.

signatuur: cat. (molot/ver) fg

Molot Verd'm : English Compilation.
cat. (molot/ver) fg

Gays split over use of 'Q-word' in annual parade.

New York Native (1993) 532 (jun 28), p. 16-18
bron: New York Native (1993) 532 (jun 28), p. 16-18
samenvatting: De term Queer geeft gemengde gevoelens bij de verschillende soorten gays in de USA.

signatuur: ts.

Gays split over use of 'Q-word' in annual parade.
New York Native
(jun 28)

Getting Out in the 'Real World' : Young Men, Queer and Theories of Gay Community  / Suzanne Fraser.

Journal of Homosexuality, 55 (2008) 2, p. 245-264
bron: Journal of Homosexuality jaargang: 55 (2008) 2 , p. 245-264
samenvatting: A recent opinion piece published in the Sydney Morning Herald expresses a widely held perception that, among young same-sex attracted men in Australia, 'queer' has well and truly supplanted 'gay' as the language and lens through which self and practice is generated. In this article, I discuss findings from a qualitative research project that studied notions of community among young gay men, and argue that this assumption should not be taken for granted. The article explores participants' understandings of the concept of 'gay community,' arguing that the young men studied share a common definition of community: one based on a conventional liberal model which prioritizes sameness and the cooperation of individuals to achieve common goals. This is of particular importance in that problems around 'fitting in' with these understandings are also raised. In examining the potential place for queer alternatives to these formulations, however, the article finds that queer attracts little support among participants, raising questions about the bind young men may find themselves in if they prioritize sameness as fundamental to community, yet feel themselves to be excluded from community by their own or others' perceived difference. [ Copies are available at http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/haworth-journals.asp ]

signatuur: ts.

Getting Out in the 'Real World' : Young Men, Queer and Theories of Gay Community
Suzanne Fraser.
Journal of Homosexuality

AsiaPacifQueer : Rethinking Genders and Sexualities  / 

ed. by Fran Martin ... [et al.].Urbana, IL [etc.]: University of Illinois Press, 2008 - 278 p.: ill.
uitgave: Urbana, IL [etc.]: University of Illinois Press, 2008 - 278 p.: ill.
annotatie: Bibliogr. passim.
samenvatting: This interdisciplinary collection examines the shaping of local sexual cultures in the Asian Pacific region in order to move beyond definitions and understandings of sexuality that rely on Western assumptions. The diverse studies in AsiaPacifiQueer demonstrate convincingly that in the realm of sexualities, globalization results in creative and cultural admixture rather than a unilateral imposition of the western values and forms of sexual culture. These essays range across the Pacific Rim and encompass a variety of forms of social, cultural, and personal expression, examining sexuality through music, cinema, the media, shifts in popular rhetoric, comics and magazines, and historical studies. By investigating complex processes of localization, interregional borrowing, and hybridization, the contributors underscore the mutual transformation of gender and sexuality in both Asian Pacific and Western cultures. Contributors are Ronald Baytan, J. Neil C. Garcia, Kam Yip Lo Lucetta, Song Hwee Lim, J. Darren Mackintosh, Claire Maree, Jin-Hyung Park, Teri Silvio, Megan Sinnott, Yik Koon Teh, Carmen Ka Man Tong, James Welker, Heather Worth, and Audrey Yue.

signatuur: cat. (asiap/ret) b


AsiaPacifQueer : Rethinking Genders and Sexualities
cat. (asiap/ret) b ODE3
ed. by Fran Martin ... [et al.].

From queer to gay to Queer.pl : The names we dare to speak in Poland  / Lukasz Szulc.

Lambda Nordica, 117 (2012) 4, p. 65-98
bron: Lambda Nordica jaargang: 117 (2012) 4 , p. 65-98
samenvatting: The Western narrative of the development of names for sexual minorities often goes from queer to gay and back to queer. These name changes mark the progress achieved in both Western activism (from no activism to assimilationist activism to in-your-face activism) and academia (from no studies to gay and lesbian studies to queer studies). Additionally, this trajectory often functions as a model for people in other countries. While acknowledging the global influence of the US "gay" culture and activism as well as US academic tradition, we still may ask: Is the story necessarily so much the same elsewhere and at other times? This paper addresses the question in relation to Poland. Do Polish terms for sexual minorities follow the Western path of development? What challenges do we face while adapting English names, and in particular queer, in Poland? Drawing on the analysis of an online discussion about the recently announced name change of the biggest Polish LGBT portal from Innastrona.pl [Differentpage.pl] to Queer.pl, I examine how different factors influence the choice and perception of specific self-descriptions. In the conclusions, I argue that the adoption of queer by Queer.pl is neither a backward move, as it fails to reclaim anything in the Polish cultural context, nor a forward move, as it indicates no shift towards either a more inyour-face form of activism or a more poststructuralist kind of thinking.

signatuur: ts.

dgb artikelen, map lambda nordica (szulc/fro)

From queer to gay to Queer.pl : The names we dare to speak in Poland
ts. dgb artikelen, map lambda nordica (szulc/fro)
Lukasz Szulc.
Lambda Nordica

Queer, wat is dat?  / Breche de Koning.

Zij aan Zij, 23 (2014) 3 (mar), p. 13-16
bron: Zij aan Zij jaargang: 23 (2014) 3 (mar), p. 13-16
samenvatting: Beschrijving van het woord Queer, dat door de decennia heen steeds opnieuw geladen is met betekenis.

signatuur: ts.

Queer, wat is dat?
Breche de Koning.
Zij aan Zij

Queer International Relations : Sovereignty, Sexuality and the Will to Knowledge  / 

Cynthia Weber.New York, NY [etc.]: Oxford University Press, 2016 - xiii, 247 p.
uitgave: New York, NY [etc.]: Oxford University Press, 2016 - xiii, 247 p.
annotatie: Bibliogr.: p. 219-242.
samenvatting: Asked about queer work in international relations, most IR scholars would almost certainly answer that queer studies is a non-issue for the subdiscipline -- a topic beyond the scope and understanding of international politics. Yet queer work tackles problems that IR scholars themselves believe are central to their discipline: questions about political economies, the geopolitics of war and terror, and the national manifestations of sexual, racial, and gendered hierarchies, not to mention their implications for empire, globalization, neoliberalism, sovereignty, and terrorism. And since the introduction of queer work in the 1980s, IR scholars have used queer concepts like "performativity" or "crossing" in relation to important issues like sovereignty and security without acknowledging either their queer sources or their queer function. This book asks how "sexuality" and "queer" are constituted as domains of international political practice and mobilized so that they bear on questions of state and nation formation, war and peace, and international political economy. How are sovereignty and sexuality entangled in contemporary international politics? What understandings of sovereignty and sexuality inform contemporary theories and foreign policies on development, immigration, terrorism, human rights, and regional integration? How specifically is "the homosexual" figured in these theories and policies to support or contest traditional understandings of sovereignty? Queer International Relations puts international relations scholarship and transnational/global queer studies scholarship in conversation to address these questions and their implications for contemporary international politics.

signatuur: cat. (weber-c/que) b


Queer International Relations : Sovereignty, Sexuality and the Will to Knowledge
cat. (weber-c/que) b ODE3
Cynthia Weber.


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