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Queer & Feminist : Poetry Anthology

Rotterdam: Unwanted Words, 2021 - 211 p.: ill.
uitgave: Rotterdam: Unwanted Words, 2021 - 211 p.: ill.
samenvatting: The Unwanted Words Queer & Feminist Poetry Anthology is a compilation of poems written by a selection of 50 poets and artists based in the Netherlands. It covers a range of topics relating to feminism and the queer experience and perspective, honouring intersectionality and embracing BIPOC voices. This anthology celebrates the talent and stories of our diverse community in an effort to sow seeds of interest, inspiration and enthusiasm about Queer and Feminist poetry. The Queer & Feminist Poetry Anthology was initiated by Unwanted Words Project, an award-winning platform for up & coming queer voices working with poetry and spoken word, based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Unwanted Words is the first platform for LGBTQ+ poets and Spoken Word artists in the Netherlands. We are on a mission to provide a stage for marginalised voices and create an archive of LGBTQIA+ and feminist poets, writers, spoken word artists who need to be celebrated and heard. We strive to create opportunities for queer connection and growth, such as our Queer Poetry Nights event series, spoken word workshops, our Queer & Femininist Poetry Awards and digital content, promoting and amplifying queer voices from an intersectional perspective. This anthology is supported by Gemeente Rotterdam, Pitcher Perfect 010 and WORM Rotterdam.

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Queer & Feminist : Poetry Anthology
cat. (queer/fem) fb ODE3 BLOEMLEZINGEN

Een deerne in lokkend postuur: Persoonlijke kroniek 1999  / 

Maarten 't Hart.Amsterdam: Arpeiderspers, 2000 - 262 p.
uitgave: Amsterdam: Arpeiderspers, 2000 - 262 p.
samenvatting: Ondanks het feit dat er weinig bijzonders gebeurt wordt 't Hart het hele jaar door geconfronteerd met allerlei vormen van waanzin, ja zelfs met een vorm van gekte in zijn eigen psyche. Het verschijnsel waanzin groeit daardoor uit tot een hoofdthema in zijn dagboek. Daarnaast benut hij deze aantekeningen om herinneringen op te ha- len aan de winter waarin hij televisiepresentator was, aan zijn ver- geefse pogingen om een rijbewijs te halen, aan zijn jongensverlan- gens om een meisje te zijn, aan zijn eertijds hartstochtelijke belang- stelling voor de filosofie, aan zijn passie voor lezen, aan de platenclub waarvan hij al dertig jaar lid is, aan poeders en pillen, en aan zijn middelbareschooltijd. Zo werd Een deerne in lokkend postuur niet alleen een dagboek maar ook een boek der herinneringen. Het is, na Het roer kan nog zesmaal om, het tweede Privé-domeindeel van Maarten 't Hart.

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Een deerne in lokkend postuur: Persoonlijke kroniek 1999
cat. (hart-m/dee) b ODE3 BIO
Maarten 't Hart.

'Toen ik begon had ik geen plot': Debutant schrijft Duitse bestseller  / Dieuwertje Mertens ; Hengameh Yaghoobifarah.

Parool 13-06-2022
bron: Parool 13-06-2022
samenvatting: Interview met Hengameh Yaghoobifarah die in 2019 debuteerde met een boek over zusterliefde, queer-ouderschap en seksueel en politiek geweld. Ze vertelt over haar inspiratie en de achtergrond van haar boek.

signatuur: knipsel (bb/ba)

'Toen ik begon had ik geen plot': Debutant schrijft Duitse bestseller
knipsel (bb/ba)
Dieuwertje Mertens ; Hengameh Yaghoobifarah.

This Arab Is Queer: An Anthology by LGBTQ+ Arab Writers  / 

[edited by] Elias Jahshan.London: Saqi Books, 2022 - 288 p.
uitgave: London: Saqi Books, 2022 - 288 p.
samenvatting: This ground-breaking anthology features the compelling and courageous memoirs of eighteen queer Arab writers ? some internationally bestselling, others using pseudonyms. Here, we find heart-warming connections and moments of celebration alongside essays exploring the challenges of being LGBTQ+ and Arab. From a military base in the Gulf to loving whispers caught between the bedsheets; and from touring overseas as a drag queen to a concert in Cairo where the rainbow flag was raised to a crowd of thousands, this collection celebrates the true colours of a vibrant Arab queer experience. Contributors: Khalid Abdel-Hadi, Amna Ali, Madian Aljazeera, Mona Eltahawy, Raja Farah, Saleem Haddad, Zeyn Joukhadar, Amrou Al-Kadhi, Saeed Kayani, Dima Mikhayel Matta, Hasan Namir, Danny Ramadan, Tania Safi, Omar Sakr, Anbara Salam, Hamed Sino and Ahmed Umar.

signatuur: cat. (jahsh/ara) b


This Arab Is Queer: An Anthology by LGBTQ+ Arab Writers
cat. (jahsh/ara) b ODE3 BLOEMLEZINGEN
[edited by] Elias Jahshan.

The lives of Jessie Sampter : queer, disabled, Zionist  / 

Sarah Imhoff.Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2022 - ix, 272 p.: ill.
uitgave: Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2022 - ix, 272 p.: ill.
annotatie: Bibliogr.: p. 249-262.
samenvatting: In 'The Lives of Jessie Sampter', Sarah Imhoff tells the story of an individual full of contradictions. Jessie Sampter (1883-1938) was best known for her Course in Zionism (1915), an American primer for understanding support of a Jewish state in Palestine. In 1919, Sampter packed a trousseau, declared herself 'married to Palestine," and immigrated there. Yet Sampter?s own life and body hardly matched typical Zionist ideals. Although she identified with Judaism, Sampter took up and experimented with spiritual practices from various religions. While Zionism celebrated the strong and healthy body, she spoke of herself as "crippled" from polio and plagued by sickness her whole life. While Zionism applauded reproductive women?s bodies, Sampter never married or bore children; in fact, she wrote of homoerotic longings and had same-sex relationships. By charting how Sampter?s life did not neatly line up with her own religious and political ideals, Imhoff highlights the complicated and at times conflicting connections between the body, queerness, disability, religion, and nationalism.

signatuur: cat. (imhof/liv) b


The lives of Jessie Sampter : queer, disabled, Zionist
cat. (imhof/liv) b ODE3 BIO
Sarah Imhoff.

Eat Your Mind : The Radical Life and Work of Kathy Acker  / 

Jason McBride.New York, NY [etc.]: Simon & Schuster, 2022 - xxii, 390 p.: ill.
uitgave: New York, NY [etc.]: Simon & Schuster, 2022 - xxii, 390 p.: ill.
samenvatting: Kathy Acker (1947-1997) was a rare and almost inconceivable thing: a celebrity experimental writer. Twenty-five years after her death, she remains one of the most original, shocking, and controversial artists of her era. The author of visionary, transgressive novels like Blood and Guts in High School; Empire of the Senses; and Pussy, King of Pirates, Acker wrote obsessively about the treachery of love, the limitations of language, and the possibility of revolution. She was notorious for her methods--collaging together texts stolen from other writers with her own diaries, sexual fantasies, and blunt political critiques--as well as her appearance. With her punkish hairstyles, tattoos, and couture outfits she looked like no other writer before or after. Her work was exceptionally prescient, taking up complicated conversations about gender, sex, capitalism, and colonialism that continue today. Acker's life was as unruly and radical as her writing. Raised in a privileged but oppressive Upper East Side Jewish family, she turned her back on that world as soon as she could, seeking a life of romantic and intellectual adventure that led her to, and through, many of the most thrilling avant-garde and countercultural moments in America: the births of conceptual art and experimental music; the poetry wars of the 60s and 70s; the mainstreaming of hardcore porn; No Wave cinema and New Narrative writing; Riot grrls, biker chicks, cyberpunks. As this definitive biography shows, Acker was not just a singular writer, she was also a titanic cultural force who tied together disparate movements in literature, art, music, theatre, and film. A feat of literary biography, Eat Your Mind is the first full-scale, authorized life of Acker. Drawing on exclusive interviews with hundreds of Acker's intimates as well as her private journals, correspondence, and early drafts of her work, acclaimed journalist and critic Jason McBride offers a thrilling account and a long overdue reassessment of a misunderstood genius and revolutionary artist.

signatuur: cat. (mcbri/eat) b

Eat Your Mind : The Radical Life and Work of Kathy Acker
cat. (mcbri/eat) b
Jason McBride.

Pessoa : An Experimental Life  / 

Richard Zenith.London: Penguin, 2022 - xxxii, 1055 p.: ill.
uitgave: London: Penguin, 2022 - xxxii, 1055 p.: ill.
annotatie: Bibliogr.: p. 1021-1034.
samenvatting: For many thousands of readers Fernando Pessoa's The Book of Disquiet is almost a way of life. Ironic, haunting and melancholy, this completely unclassifiable work is the masterpiece of one of the twentieth century's most enigmatic writers. Richard Zenith's Pessoa at last allows us to understand this extraordinary figure. Some eighty-five years after his premature death in Lisbon, where he left over 25,000 manuscript sheets in a wooden trunk, Fernando Pessoa (1888-1935) can now be celebrated as one of the great modern poets. Setting the story of his life against the nationalistic currents of European history, Zenith charts the heights of Pessoa's explosive imagination and literary genius. Much of Pessoa's charm and strangeness came from his writing under a variety of names that he used not only to conceal his identity but also to write in wildly varied styles with different imagined personalities. Zenith traces the back stories of virtually all of these invented others, called 'heteronyms', demonstrating how they were projections, spin-offs or metamorphoses of Pessoa himself. Zenith's monumental work confirms the power of Pessoa's words to speak prophetically to the disconnectedness of modern life. It is also a wonderful book about Lisbon, the city which Pessoa reinvented and through which his different selves wandered.

signatuur: cat. (zenit/pes) b 3 ODE3 BIO

Pessoa : An Experimental Life
cat. (zenit/pes) b 3 ODE3 BIO
Richard Zenith.

Draagtas 'Queer Africa 2'  / MaThoko's Books

2017. - T0493
beschrijving: Bruine draagtas. Op de voorkant is de voorpagina van het boek 'Queer Africa 2 new stories' afgebeeld. Er zijn negen portretten van mensen uit Afrika te zien. In het midden staat de titel in grijze letters en helemaal onderaan in in grijze hoofdletters 'Edited by Makhosazana Xaba and Karen Martin'.
trefwoord: xaba makhosazana - martin karen
extra info: Queer Africa 2: New Stories is een bloemlezing met 26 verhalen van queer schrijvers uit Kenia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalië, Zuid-Afrika, Uganda en de VS. MaThoko's Books is een uitgeverij van de Gay and Lesbian Memory in Action (Gala) in Zuid-Afrika.
organisatie: MaThoko's Books
land: zuid-afrika

Draagtas 'Queer Africa 2'


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