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Pinkwashing : Israel's International Strategy and Internal Agenda  / Ghadir Shafie.

Kohl: A Journal for Body and Gender Research, 1 (2015) 1 (summer), p. 82-86
bron: Kohl: A Journal for Body and Gender Research jaargang: 1 (2015) 1 (summer), p. 82-86
samenvatting: Ghadir is a Palestinian feminist who dedicates her work and activism to the cause of Palestinian queer women and to promoting a greater understanding of - and commitment to - the issue of Palestine amongst fellow activists and stakeholders. Ghadir passionately believes in the intersectionality of the struggle of Palestinian queer women. Fighting a triple oppression - as Palestinians, as women and as LGBTQI people, Palestinian queer women are at the heart of the feminist, queer and anti-colonial national liberation causes. Through her work and activism, Ghadir endeavors to make this intersection visible and to unite the feminist, queer and Palestine liberation movements in a monumental struggle for justice and freedom to all Palestinians. Ghadir is the co-director of Aswat - Palestinian Gay Women.

signatuur: dgb artikelen (shafi/pin)

Pinkwashing : Israel's International Strategy and Internal Agenda
dgb artikelen (shafi/pin)
Ghadir Shafie.
Kohl: A Journal for Body and Gender Research

Deafies in drag : Role models at the intersection of queer and deaf representation  / Nynke Feenstra, Looi van Kessel.

samenvatting: In this article, Nynke Feenstra and Looi van Kessel think through the challenges of putting intersectional theory in practice by tracing a history of role models at the intersection of deaf and LGBTQ+ identifications in the Netherlands and the United States. They argue that, while the concept of intersectionality has taken great leaps in academic debates, formal institutions still sometimes struggle with the practical applications of insights that this concept offers. By looking into the history of Dutch activists such as Bea Visser and advocacy groups such as Roze Gebaar, and the current work of the deaf drag performers Deafies in Drag, Feenstra and van Kessel argue that a more practical attention to the intersection of minoritizing identifications foregrounds tensions and issues that arise from within the deaf and LGBTQ+ communities, as well as from without. The practice of drawing attention to intersecting minoritizing identifications can be found in the function of role models who identify across different marginalized communities, and thus can help work towards forms of activism that pay attention to specific issue advocacy as well as inclusivity.

signatuur: dgb artikelen (feens/kes)

Deafies in drag : Role models at the intersection of queer and deaf representation
dgb artikelen (feens/kes)
Nynke Feenstra, Looi van Kessel.
In: Arts in Society : Academic Rhapsodies / eds. Sophia Hendrikx, Mere Oudshoorn. - Leiden : Leiden University, 2020. - p.107-123.

Le génie lesbien  / 

Alice Coffin.Paris: Grasset & Fasquelle, 2020 - 251 p.
uitgave: Paris: Grasset & Fasquelle, 2020 - 251 p.
annotatie: Prix de L'essai féministe causette.
ISBN: 9782253104629
samenvatting: Publié à l'automne 2020, Le Génie lesbien est devenu le livre de référence d'une nouvelle génération de féministes. Des citations de l'ouvrage ont fleuri sur les murs des villes et les pancartes de manifestations. Des milliers de lectrices se sont reconnues dans le parcours de son autrice, journaliste et activiste lesbienne. De vifs débats en ont émergés, de la violence aussi : Alice Coffin a fait l'objet d'une campagne médiatique parfois mensongère, de menaces, de harcèlement. Lire Le Génie lesbien, c'est comprendre les enjeux de la révolution féministe depuis #MeToo mais aussi ce qu'être lesbienne aujourd'hui veut dire, à travers le parcours familial, amoureux, professionnel et militant de l'autrice, désormais figure incontournable du mouvement féministe en France.

signatuur: cat. (coffi/gen) b

Le génie lesbien
cat. (coffi/gen) b
Alice Coffin.

XOXY : A Memoir (Intersex Woman, Mother, Activist)  / 

Kimberly M. Zieselman.London [etc.]: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2020 - 288 p.
uitgave: London [etc.]: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2020 - 288 p.
ISBN: 9781785928376
samenvatting: Meet Kimberly, a regular suburban housewife and mother, whose discovery later in life that she was born intersex fuelled her to become an international human rights defender and globally-recognised activist. Charting her intersex discovery and her journey to self-acceptance, this book movingly portrays how being intersex impacted Kimberly's personal and family life, as well as her career. From uncovering a secret that was intentionally kept from her, to coming out to her family and friends and fighting for intersex rights, her candid and empowering story helps breakdown barriers and misconceptions of intersex people and brings to light the trauma and harmful impact medical intervention continues to have on the intersex community.

signatuur: cat. (ziese/xox) b


XOXY : A Memoir (Intersex Woman, Mother, Activist)
cat. (ziese/xox) b ODE3 BIO
Kimberly M. Zieselman.


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