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'These Made-Up Things Mean Nothing to Me" : Exploring the Intersection of Autism and Bisexuality in the Lives of Young People  / Alex Toft.

Journal of Bisexuality, 23 (2023) 3 (jul-sept), p. 229-249
bron: Journal of Bisexuality jaargang: 23 (2023) 3 (jul-sept), p. 229-249
samenvatting: This article explores the negotiation of autism and bisexuality in the lives of young people (16-25). Identity negotiation in this regard refers to the exploration of how the participants experienced the intersection of bisexuality and autism from a personal and a social perspective. To do this the article uses data collected from interviews and diaries to examine how the participants understood the intersection, how others perceived their identities and how the participants challenged constructions of sexuality. As a result, the article works to move beyond deficit focused research which aims to understand what is missing from an autistic persons' make-up which results in LGBT + identities. In doing so, it is suggested that a more worthwhile focus is upon socially constructed categories such as sexuality which are more open to be challenged. Bisexuality is uniquely positioned as it challenges a number of preconceptions about sexuality and gender. When combined with being autistic, the lived experiences of young people demonstrate a challenge to sexuality based upon rejecting constructions which are seen as being fragile. Such imperfect labels, such as bisexuality, may be important in furthering our understanding of the intersection.

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'These Made-Up Things Mean Nothing to Me" : Exploring the Intersection of Autism and Bisexuality in the Lives of Young People
Alex Toft.
Journal of Bisexuality

Doing Away with Gender Norms: Exploring Lived Experiences of Autistic Queer Individuals  / Maartje Steur.

Amsterdam: Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA), 2023 - 47 p.
uitgave: Amsterdam : Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA), 2023 - 47 p.
  1. genderidentiteiten
  2. lhbtq
samenvatting: This thesis provides an exploratory account of the lived experiences of autistic queer people, with a focus on the influence of gender norms on their identity. Autistic queer people have often been pathologised in scientific literature, leading to the methodological choice for constructivist grounded theory and oral history interviews. This research uses two theories to help guide the analysis: West and Zimmerman?s theory on "doing gender"and Simon and Gagnon's sexual scripting theory. Four oral history interviews were conducted with autistic individuals who identified as genderqueer and non-heterosexual. They were all assigned female at birth and grew up in a Western country. Analysis of the data was done in line with a constructivist grounded theory approach. The data suggests that gender norm internalisation by autistic queer people is limited, as well as their reproduction of gender normative behaviour in interaction. However, the degree and manner of accountability matters in their decisions on norm adherence. Furthermore, rejection of normative structurisation in general has implications for how autistic queer people define their identity and mitigate negative externalities of gender norm-breaking behaviour. Specific double burdens arise due to the intersection of autism with a queer identity that worsen the impact of diverging from gender norms. Future research should further explore the relationship between interaction and gender norm internalisation. Special attention also needs to be paid to depathologising both the research design as well as language of any future research, to prevent further stratifying existing gendernormative structures that harm autistic queer people.

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Doing Away with Gender Norms: Exploring Lived Experiences of Autistic Queer Individuals
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