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Saving Delaney ... by white privilege: a memoir of lesbian motherhood and anti-Black ableism  / Amanda Apgar.

Journal of Lesbian Studies, 25 (2021) 3 (jul-sep), p. 258-273
bron: Journal of Lesbian Studies jaargang: 25 (2021) 3 (jul-sep), p. 258-273
samenvatting: Saving Delaney is one of a number of "special needs" parent memoirs published in the United States since 2000 and is the only memoir about raising a disabled child in the United States written by lesbian parents. Like many representations of disability, ?special needs? parent memoirs use a problematic narrative in which the presumed negative effects of disability are individually overcome before life lived happily ever after. Also like popular and positive representations of disability, the children subjects of "special needs' parent memoirs are almost entirely white. In this paper, I contextualize Saving Delaney within histories of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) family-making in the United States, drawing particular attention to the overrepresentation of children with disabilities among gay and lesbian adoptive parent households. Then, drawing attention to the overwhelming whiteness of both positive portrayals of children with disabilities in "special needs" parent memoirs and LGBT families in scholarship, data, and media, I argue that white privilege facilitates visibility and protection against disability stigmas. I demonstrate that LGBT family-making and caring for children with disabilities cohere as issues of comprehensive reproductive justice and that narratives like Delaney's fail to advance the reproductive justice movement due to reiterative entrenchment in the material and discursive privileges of whiteness.

signatuur: ts.

Saving Delaney ... by white privilege: a memoir of lesbian motherhood and anti-Black ableism
Amanda Apgar.
Journal of Lesbian Studies

Narrating Kinship and Connection : The Life Stories of Adult-Children Raised by LBTQ Parents  / Eliza Garwood.

Southampton: University_of Sothampton, 2020 - 220 p.
uitgave: Southampton : University_of Sothampton, 2020 - 220 p.
  1. familiebetrekkingen
  2. ouderschap/kinderwens
  3. lhbti
samenvatting: Despite the increasing literature on LGBTQ families, there continues to be limited research on the children within these families. The social, legal and political context for LGBTQ people has transformed drastically over the twentieth and twenty-first century. However, we know little about how these changes will have shaped the life courses of people raised by LGBTQ parents. The data within this thesis comes from 20 biographical interviews with adult-children raised by lesbian, bisexual, trans and queer (LBTQ) parents in England and Scotland. This thesis explores how people with LBTQ parents narrate their life stories, particularly addressing the intersections of family, identity, social norms and historical context. I use a combination of life course and queer theory to discuss the complex and messy everyday spatialities and relationalities found in participant life stories. The study examines the interplay between notions of normative families, genders and sexualities, and alternative everyday practices in families with LBTQ parents. This analysis is combined with a geographical and temporal lens, discussing how family practices, emotions and relationships can shift through time and space. I firstly discuss this in relation to genetic normativity, noting that although people with LBTQ parents often live in families that seem to resist dominant notions of biological relatedness, genetic discourses remain significant to those raised by LBTQ parents. This suggests that children raised in LBTQ households must navigate between the non-traditional aspects of their families and ongoing normative genetic discourses. Secondly, I examine queer origin stories, highlighting the ways that adult-children with LBTQ parents emphasise the importance of knowing their queer family histories, rather than only their genetic relations. This demonstrates the ways that adult-children can re-create, re-shape and re-tell their queer origin stories in adulthood. Third, I look into how participants narrated their experiences within the various spaces they moved between. I focus on the idea of 'coming out' or disclosure, to discuss how the power within specific contexts prompt different practices, displays, and feelings from people with LBTQ parents. Finally, I explore how participants related to ideas of normality and normativity more broadly, noting adult-children's pursuit of intelligibility and legitimacy; how adult-children engage in quiet forms of everyday activism; and complicate traditional notions of the idealised life course. These findings contribute to the geographies of family and intimacy and sociological understandings of LGBTQ and queer kinship, adding to the limited body of work on children raised by non-heterosexual or gender confirming parents.

signatuur: cat. (garwo/nar)

dgb grijs

Narrating Kinship and Connection : The Life Stories of Adult-Children Raised by LBTQ Parents
cat. (garwo/nar)dgb grijs

Aktetas 'APGL IIIème conférence internationale sur l'homoparentalité Paris'

2005. - T0601
beschrijving: Grijze aktetas. Op de voorkant staat in witte letters het logo van APGL en 'APGL IIIème conférence internationale sur l'homoparentalité Paris - 25-26 octobre 2005 www.apgl.asso.fr'. verder zijn er de logo's van verschillende organisaties te zien. Tas van de derde conferentie van APGL over homo-ouderschap. APGL (Association des parents et futurs parents gays et lesbiens) bestaat sinds 1986 en biedt in Frankrijk en internationaal informatie, uitwisseling van ervaringen en professionele hulp voor homoseksuelen met kinderen, LHBTQ-families en vecht tegen discriminatie van homo-ouderschap.
trefwoord: apgl
organisatie: APGL
land: frankrijk

Aktetas 'APGL IIIème conférence internationale sur l'homoparentalité Paris'


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