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La Muraille : ou, l'Exercice de la parole : récit  / 

Jean-Yves Guiomar.Paris: Le Sagittaire, 1978 - 126 p.
uitgave: Paris: Le Sagittaire, 1978 - 126 p.

signatuur: cat. (guiom/mur) fb

La Muraille : ou, l'Exercice de la parole : récit
cat. (guiom/mur) fb
Jean-Yves Guiomar.

Peau d'Homme  / 

Hubert, Zanzim.Grenoble: Glénat, 2020 - 159, [1] p.: ill.
uitgave: Grenoble: Glénat, 2020 - 159, [1] p.: ill.
samenvatting: Sans contrefaçon, je suis un garçon ! Dans l’Italie de la Renaissance, Bianca, demoiselle de bonne famille, est en âge de se marier. Ses parents lui trouvent un fiancé à leur goût : Giovanni, un riche marchand, jeune et plaisant. Le mariage semble devoir se dérouler sous les meilleurs auspices même si Bianca ne peut cacher sa déception de devoir épouser un homme dont elle ignore tout. Mais c’était sans connaître le secret détenu et légué par les femmes de sa famille depuis des générations : une « peau d’homme » ! En la revêtant, Bianca devient Lorenzo et bénéficie de tous les attributs d’un jeune homme à la beauté stupéfiante. Elle peut désormais visiter incognito le monde des hommes et apprendre à connaître son fiancé dans son milieu naturel. Mais dans sa peau d’homme, Bianca s'affranchit des limites imposées aux femmes et découvre l'amour et la sexualité. La morale de la Renaissance agit alors en miroir de celle de notre siècle et pose plusieurs questions : pourquoi les femmes devraient-elles avoir une sexualité différente de celle des hommes ? Pourquoi leur plaisir et leur liberté devraient-ils faire l’objet de mépris et de coercition ? Comment enfin la morale peut-elle être l’instrument d’une domination à la fois sévère et inconsciente ? À travers une fable enlevée et subtile comme une comédie de Billy Wilder, Hubert et Zanzim questionnent avec brio notre rapport au genre et à la sexualité… mais pas que. En mêlant ainsi la religion et le sexe, la morale et l’humour, la noblesse et le franc-parler, Peau d’homme nous invite tant à la libération des mœurs qu’à la quête folle et ardente de l’amour.

signatuur: cat. (huber/pea) sb

Peau d'Homme
cat. (huber/pea) sb
Hubert, Zanzim.

The invention of sodomy in Christian theology  / 

Mark D. Jordan.Chicago, IL: The University of Chicago Press, 1997 - x, 190 p.
uitgave: Chicago, IL: The University of Chicago Press, 1997 - x, 190 p.
annotatie: Bibliogr.: p. 177-185.
samenvatting: In this book of historical detection, Mark D. Jordan explores the invention of Sodomy by medieval Christendom, examining its conceptual foundations in theology and gauging its impact on Christian sexual ethics both then and now. This book is for everyone involved in the ongoing debate within organized religions and society in general over moral judgments of same-sex eroticism.

signatuur: cat. (jordan/inv) b

The invention of sodomy in Christian theology
cat. (jordan/inv) b
Mark D. Jordan.

One, Two, or Many Sexes : Sex Differentiation in Medieval Islamicate Medical Thought  / Ahmed Ragab.

Journal of the History of Sexuality, 24 (2015) 3 (sep), p. 428-444
bron: Journal of the History of Sexuality jaargang: 24 (2015) 3 (sep), p. 428-444
samenvatting: This article investigates the medieval Islamicate medical discourse about the landscape of sexual difference and the attendant developments in medical traditions. The exploration of a variety of medical writings highlights the variety of divergent Islamicate views and theories about sex and fetal sexual differentiation. In what follows, I use the word 'sex' to refer not to a fixed 'biological' category that remains coherent throughout history but to a historically contingent category that is rooted in a specific discourse about nature, a discourse that was produced and dominated by particular groups whose claimed expertise was the human body?in the case of this article, learned physicians. This view of sex as a discourse on nature allows for consideration of parallel or competing discourses outside the Hellenistic-Islamicate context, and it gives voice to parallel or competing experts or specialists, such as atomistic philosophers and practitioners of Indian or Chinese medical traditions. Like the concept of gender, sex is historically contingent and socially conditioned; it lacks transhistorical coherence. In this article, however, I focus exclusively on sex, and I take sex to be distinct from gender. While the process of gendering occurs primarily within social and legal discourse, 'sexing'- as I will call the process of medical sexual differentiation - operates within discourses on nature and the natural, and it occurs within a particular observational paradigm that declares certain morphologies to be sex characteristics. This observational paradigm, which controlled sex differentiation, did not necessarily depend on genital morphology.

signatuur: ts.

One, Two, or Many Sexes : Sex Differentiation in Medieval Islamicate Medical Thought
Ahmed Ragab.
Journal of the History of Sexuality

Medieval Persian court poetry  / 

Julie Scott Meisami.Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1987 - 360 p.: ill.
uitgave: Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1987 - 360 p.: ill.
annotatie: Bibliogr.: p. 319-339.
samenvatting: Dr. Meisami discloses previously neglected stylistic qualities and ethical purposes in medieval Persian court poetry, and shows that court poets were also moral instructors who examined and celebrated the values they shared with their audiences. The book also takes into account the close relationship between Persian and Arabic court poetry. Brief examination of eroticism can be found in chapters 4 & 6.

signatuur: cat. (meisa/med) b

Medieval Persian court poetry
cat. (meisa/med) b
Julie Scott Meisami.

Translating Transgender  / Edited by David Gramling and Aniruddha Dutta.

TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly, 3 (2016) 3-4 (nov), p. 357-604
bron: TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly jaargang: 3 (2016) 3-4 (nov), p. 357-604
samenvatting: Content: - Untranslatable Subjects Travesti Access to Public Health Care in Brazil / Alvaro Jarrín. - p. 357-375. - Language Purism and Gender: Icelandic Trans* Activists and the Icelandic Linguistic Gender Binary / Jyl Josephson and Þorgerður Einarsdóttir. - p. 376-387. - From Representation to Corposubjectivation: The Configuration of Transgender in Mexico City / Alba Pons Rabasa. - p. 388-411. - Translating Hijra into Transgender: Performance and Pehchan in India's Trans-Hijra Communities / Jeff Roy. - p. 412-432. - Always in Translation: Trans Cinema across Languages / Helen Hok-Sze Leung. -p. 433-447. - Conceptualizing Sex, Gender, and Trans: An Anglo-Finnish Perspective / Unni Leino. - p. 448-461. - Pedro Lemebel and the Translatxrsation: On a Genderqueer Translation Praxis / Arielle A. Concilio. - p. 462-484. - Keeping the Trans in Translation Queering Early Modern Transgender Memoirs / Emily Rose. - p. 485-505. - Translation, Transition, Transgender Framing the Life of Charlotte von Mahlsdorf / Brian James Baer. - p. 506-523. - Untranslating Gender in Trish Salah's Lyric Sexology Vol. 1 / Kay Gabriel. - p. 524-544. - Plus the Swinging of the Door / Nathanaël. - p. 545-551. - Flows of Trans-Language: Translating Transgender in the Paraguayan Sea / Christopher Larkosh. - p. 552-568. - In Memoriam to Identity: Transgender as Strategy in Qiu Miaojin's Last Words from Montmartre / Ari Larissa Heinrich and Eloise Dowd. - p. 569-577. - "You Have Made Her a Man among Men": Translating the Khuntha's Anatomy in Fatimid Jurisprudence / Saqer A. Almarri. - p. 578-586. - Translating the Human The Androginos in Tosefta Bikurim / Max Strassfeld. - p. 587-604.

signatuur: ts.

Translating Transgender
Edited by David Gramling and Aniruddha Dutta.
TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly

Seeing Sodomy : An Interview with Robert Mills  / Interview by Rachel Moss.

Notches 02-07-2015
bron: Notches 02-07-2015
samenvatting: Seeing Sodomy in the Middle Ages explores the variety of strategies developed by medieval artists and writers to render sodomy visible. The author Robert Mills argues that we need to take account of the role played by translation - whether visual, verbal or cultural - in endowing sodomy with a pictorial or textual form. Mills also considers the extent to which medieval materials can be re-visioned in light of twenty-first-century categories of thought. Arguing against the view that anachronism inevitably produces a distorted picture of the past, he advocates instead a flexible approach to questions of terminology - one in which fidelity to an authentically 'medieval' vocabulary doesn't constitute the only possible framework for understanding images of gender and sexuality in the period. Focusing on a wide array of sources, including visual depictions of sodomites in illuminated Bibles, motifs of gender transformation as envisioned by medieval artists and commentators on Ovid, and imagery and texts associated with religious houses and other enclosed spaces, the book builds a picture of sodomy's rich multimedia presence in the Middle Ages.

signatuur: full_text

Seeing Sodomy : An Interview with Robert Mills
Interview by Rachel Moss.

Het geschlachtsleven onzer voorouders in de middeleeuwen  / 

door R.A. Westerhout.Amsterdam: Stadermann, [1899] - 234 p.
uitgave: Amsterdam: Stadermann, [1899] - 234 p.
annotatie: "Een vervolg op 'De prostitutie bij de volken der oudheid' van Dr. Edm. Dupouy." -- t.p.
samenvatting: Studie naar het sexleven van de middeleeuwse mens. Aandacht voor hekserij, bordelen, hoeren, het ongehuwd samenleven, onechte kinderen (bastaards), echtbreuk en algemene ontucht.

signatuur: cat. (westerh/ges) kluis b

Het geschlachtsleven onzer voorouders in de middeleeuwen
cat. (westerh/ges) kluis b
door R.A. Westerhout.

Love locked out : a survey of love, licence and restriction in the Middle Ages  / 

by James Cleugh.London: Blond, 1963 - 320 p.
uitgave: London: Blond, 1963 - 320 p.
annotatie: Bibliogr.: p. 311-312.
samenvatting: "In the Middle Ages men sinned wildly but not viciously and repented extravagantly. In a feudal society the excesses of those of high rank like Gilles de Rais were spectacular by 20th century standards and practically immune from legal or ecclesiastical interference... The author describes the attempts of the Church to impose a morality on this libidinous society and shows how they were frustrated at every turn.

signatuur: cat. (cleug/lov) b

Love locked out : a survey of love, licence and restriction in the Middle Ages
cat. (cleug/lov) b
by James Cleugh.

Eheleute, Männerbünde, Kulttransvestiten : Zur Geschlechtergeschichte germanischsprachiger gentes des ersten bis siebten Jahrhunderts  / 

Andreas Mohr.Frankfurt am Main [etc.]: Lang, 2009 - 150 p.
uitgave: Frankfurt am Main [etc.]: Lang, 2009 - 150 p.
annotatie: Bibliogr.: p. 137-150.
samenvatting: Die Studie untersucht die Geschlechtergeschichte germanischsprachiger Völkerschaften der römischen Kaiserzeit, der Völkerwanderungszeit sowie des beginnenden Frühmittelalters. Die innerhalb der Gesellschaften der germanischsprachigen gentes des ersten bis siebten Jahrhunderts relevanten geschlechterhistorischen Phänomene werden anhand römischer und griechischer, aber vereinzelt auch germanischsprachiger Quellen charakterisiert und in den Kontext der Kulturgeschichte Europas am Übergang von der Antike zum Mittelalter eingeordnet. Die Studie rückt die Geschichte verschiedener gentes wie beispielsweise der Goten, Franken, Vandalen, Burgunder oder Langobarden, eingebettet in den Kontext der Gender-Forschung, erneut ins Zentrum des Interesses und bedient sich hierbei einer vergleichenden Perspektive. Dieser komparative Ansatz erweist sich zudem als ergiebig bei der Analyse geschlechtergeschichtlicher Erscheinungsformen innerhalb der Gesellschaften dieser frühgeschichtlichen und völkerwanderungszeitlichen Ethnien: Eheformen und Eherecht, Pubertät, Geburtenkontrolle, gleichgeschlechtliches Verhalten sowie Transvestismus.

signatuur: cat. (mohr-a/ehe) b

Eheleute, Männerbünde, Kulttransvestiten : Zur Geschlechtergeschichte germanischsprachiger gentes des ersten bis siebten Jahrhunderts
cat. (mohr-a/ehe) b
Andreas Mohr.


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