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Barbara Hammer : Pushing Out of the Frame  / 

Sarah Keller.Detroit, MI: Wayne State University Press, 2021 - 240 p.: ill.
uitgave: Detroit, MI: Wayne State University Press, 2021 - 240 p.: ill.
samenvatting: Barbara Hammer: Pushing Out of the Frame by Sarah Keller explores the career of experimental filmmaker and visual artist Barbara Hammer. Hammer first garnered attention in the early 1970s for a series of films representing lesbian subjects and subjectivity. Over the five decades that followed, she made almost a hundred films and solidified her position as a pioneer of queer experimental cinema and art. In the first chapter, Keller covers Hammer's late 1960s,1970s work and explores the tensions between the representation of women?s bodies and contemporary feminist theory. In the second chapter, Keller charts the filmmaker's physical move from the Bay Area to New York City, resulting in shifts in her artistic mode. The third chapter turns to Hammer's primarily documentary work of the 1990s and how it engages with the places she travels, the people she meets, and the histories she explores. In the fourth chapter, Keller then considers Hammer's legacy, both through the final films of her career - which combine the methods and ideas of the earlier decades - and her efforts to solidify and shape the ways in which the work would be remembered. In the final chapter, excerpts from the author's interviews with Hammer during the last three years of her life offer intimate perspectives and reflections on her work from the filmmaker herself. Hammer's full body of work as a case study allows readers to see why a much broader notion of feminist production and artistic process is necessary to understand art made by women in the past half century. Hammer's work - classically queer and politically feminist - presses at the edges of each of those notions, pushing beyond the frames that would not contain her dynamic artistic endeavors.

signatuur: cat. (kelle/bar) b

Barbara Hammer : Pushing Out of the Frame
cat. (kelle/bar) b
Sarah Keller.

Female Cartoonists in the United States: Bad Girls and Invisible Women  / 

Hélène Tison.London: Routledge, 2023 - 242 p.: ill.
uitgave: London: Routledge, 2023 - 242 p.: ill.
annotatie: Bibliogr.: p. 214-234
samenvatting: This book provides an introduction to women cartoonists in the US, reading their work from a feminist, literary and stylistic perspective, which shines a light on their innovative and unique narratives and graphic languages. From rabid feminists to blundering teenagers to dyke avengers and pregnant butches, from political satire to memoirs to troubling sexual tales, from caricature to the clear line, from realism to minimalism and abstraction ? they have done it all. This book looks at the work of over thirty authors who have challenged the boys? club of comics in the US and whose stories shed a revealing light on contemporary society, through countercultural ripostes to the patriarchy, raw or humorous confessions, deconstruction of femininity, stories of vulnerability that offer powerful counterpoints to the "super bodies" of mainstream comics, non-white and queer cartoonists "drawing back" and more.

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Female Cartoonists in the United States: Bad Girls and Invisible Women
cat. (tison/fem) b ODE3
Hélène Tison.

Chantal Akerman  / 

Marion Schmid.Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2017 - 198 p.: ill.
uitgave: Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2017 - 198 p.: ill.
samenvatting: Chantal Akerman is widely acclaimed as one of cinema's boldest visionaries. A towering figure in women's and feminist film-making, she produced a diverse and intensely personal body of work ranging from minimalist portraits of the everyday to exuberant romantic comedies, and from documentaries and musicals to installation art. This book traces the director's career at the crossroads between experimental and mainstream cinema, contextualising her work within the American avant-garde of the 1970s, European anti-naturalism, feminism and the post-modern aesthetics. While offering an in-depth analysis of her multi-faceted film style, it also stresses the social and ethical dimension of her work, especially as regards her representation of marginal groups and her exploration of exilic and diasporic identities. Particular attention is given to the inscription of the Holocaust and of Jewish memory in her films.

signatuur: cat. (schmi/cha) b

Chantal Akerman
cat. (schmi/cha) b
Marion Schmid.


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