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The impact of living with transfeminine vocal gender dysphoria: Health utility outcomes assessment  / Brian Nuyen ...[et al.].

International Journal of Transgender Health, 24 (2023) 1 (jan-mar), p. 99-107
bron: International Journal of Transgender Health jaargang: 24 (2023) 1 (jan-mar), p. 99-107
samenvatting: The voice signals a tremendous amount of gender cues. Transfeminine individuals report debilitating quality-of-life deficits as a result of their vocal gender dysphoria. Aims: We aimed to quantify the potential impact of this dysphoria experienced with quality-adjusted life years (QALYs), as well as associated treatments, through validated health utility measures. Methods: Peri-operative phonometric audio recordings of a consented transfeminine patient volunteer with a history of vocal gender dysphoria aided in the description of two transfeminine health states, pre- and post-vocal feminization gender dysphoria; monocular and binocular blindness were health state controls. Survey responses from general population adults rate these four health states via visual analogue scale (VAS), standard gamble (SG), and time tradeoff (TTO). Results: Survey respondents totaled 206 with a mean age of 35.8 years. Through VAS measures, these general adult respondents on average perceived a year of life with transfeminine vocal gender dysphoria as approximately three-quarters of a life-year of perfect health. Respondents also on average would have risked a 15% - 20% chance of death on SG analysis and would have sacrificed 10 years of their remaining life on TTO measures to cure the condition. The QALY scores for the post-gender affirming treatments for vocal gender dysphoria (+0.09 VAS, p < 0.01) were significantly higher compared to the pretreatment state. There were no differences in the severity of these QALY scores by survey respondent's political affiliation or gender identity. Conclusions: To our knowledge, this study is the first to quantify how the general population perceives the health burden of vocal gender dysphoria experienced by transfeminine patients. Feminization treatments including voice therapy with feminization laryngoplasty appear to significantly increase health utility scores.

signatuur: ts.

The impact of living with transfeminine vocal gender dysphoria: Health utility outcomes assessment
Brian Nuyen ...[et al.].
International Journal of Transgender Health


( DE:"transfeminine personen" )

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