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Baby Butch : Roman  / 

Lou Conradi.Münster: Assemblage, 2019 - 238 p.
uitgave: Münster: Assemblage, 2019 - 238 p.
samenvatting: Drag-King und Aktivist Lou Conradis Debütroman reflektiert die Ängste und Probleme junger Queers in Berlin. Was hat das Einhorn mit der Jungfrau Maria zu tun und Feminismus mit Waffenexporten? Gibt es die unbefleckte Empfängnis wirklich, hilft BDSM gegen Polizeigewalt und was können trans Menschen erwidern, wenn sie mal wieder gefragt werden: "Was bist du?" Spätsommer 2015, Berlin. Während in Heidenau und Freital rassistische Mobs Geflüchtete angreifen, planen Steph, eine linksradikale Butch, und Maria, eine kommunistische trans Frau, zusammen ein Kind zu bekommen. Mit Erfolg: Steph ist schwanger! Was als alternative Familiengründung geplant war, ist jedoch schnell ein Chaos aus Beziehungsgeflechten und Existenzängsten. Zwischen Demonstrationen, Polizeigewalt, Transition und Wohnungslosigkeit versucht eine Gruppe junger, impulsiver Queers, Kontrolle über ihr Leben zu behalten, während um sie herum die politische Lage längst außer Kontrolle geraten ist.

signatuur: cat. (conra/bab) fb

Baby Butch : Roman
cat. (conra/bab) fb
Lou Conradi.

Mateloos verlangen: Meer dan 100 verschillende gedichten over diversiteit  / 

[concept en samenstelling] Patrick Roubroeks; [voorwoord door] Splinter Chabot.Amsterdam: Podium, 2023 - 176 p.
uitgave: Amsterdam: Podium, 2023 - 176 p.
annotatie: Met dank aan Pim Lammers en Mirjam van Hengel
samenvatting: Meer dan 100 veelkleurige gedichten over diversiteit. Speciaal geschreven voor deze uitgave door ervaren en onervaren, bekende en onbekende schrijvers met een speciale band met het onderwerp. Allemaal vieren ze de liefde, omarmen ze elkaar op zoek naar erkenning, vrijheid en verbinding in onze hedendaagse samenleving. Splinter Chabot schreef een speciaal voorwoord 'Voor wie nog zoekt. Voor wie wel al heeft gevonden maar voor wie nog een maatje nodig heeft. Kortom, voor iedereen die de liefde wil vieren en mateloos wil verlangen'. Met medewerking van o.a. Dolly Bellefleur, Abdelkader Benali, Gershwin Bonevacia, Babeth Fonchie Fotchind, Johan Fretz, Jurre Geluk, Eva Gerlach, Valentijn Hoogenkamp, Falun Ellie Koos, Anne Vegter en Rik van de Westelaken

signatuur: cat. (matel/ver) fb

Mateloos verlangen: Meer dan 100 verschillende gedichten over diversiteit
cat. (matel/ver) fb
[concept en samenstelling] Patrick Roubroeks; [voorwoord door] Splinter Chabot.

A way to meet queer women? : Reflections on sexuality and desire in research  / Claire Carter.

Sexualities, 19 (2016) 1/2 (feb), p. 119-137
bron: Sexualities jaargang: 19 (2016) 1/2 (feb), p. 119-137
samenvatting: This article considers the influence of sexuality and desire in qualitative research. Feminist researchers promote critical reflexivity in response to traditional social science methodological approaches, which advocate objectivity and neutrality. While reflexivity has become part and parcel of feminist research, an aspect of the subjective experience of doing research requiring more attention is how desire, intimacy and/or sexuality inform the research process. This paper draws on previous studies as well as recent research experiences to argue that desire is a powerful form of communication that can be productive and insightful for our analyses and knowledge production. (Copies available at http://sex.sagepub.com/content/19/1-2/119.abstract)

signatuur: ts.

A way to meet queer women? : Reflections on sexuality and desire in research
Claire Carter.

'Regardless of Their Gender' : Descriptions of Sexual Identity among Bisexual, Pansexual, and Queer Identified Individuals  / M. Paz Galupo, Johanna L. Ramirez & Lex Pulice-Farrow.

Journal of Bisexuality, 17 (2017) 1 (jan-mar), p. 108-124
bron: Journal of Bisexuality jaargang: 17 (2017) 1 (jan-mar), p. 108-124
samenvatting: The present research investigates the way individuals under the bisexual umbrella conceptualize their sexual identity. Participants included 172 adults who self-identified as bisexual, pansexual, and queer. Participants individually completed an online survey in which they were asked to describe their sexual identity. Qualitative responses were analyzed via thematic analysis. Four major themes were identified and found relevant to all three identity groups: (1) labeling sexual identity, (2) distinctions of attraction, (3) explicit use of binary/nonbinary language, and (4) identity transcendence. Each of the four major themes was further composed of subthemes, and one minor theme of questioning also emerged. Patterns of responses across sexual identity were analyzed via chi-square analyses. Individuals who self-identified as bisexual, pansexual, and queer demonstrated similarities and differences in the way they described their sexual identities. Of the 15 emergent subthemes, six differed in frequency across sexual identity. Discussion focuses on elucidating when grouping bisexual, pansexual, and queer identities together may prove useful, and when it may further distort an understanding of the range of plurisexual experience.

signatuur: ts.

'Regardless of Their Gender' : Descriptions of Sexual Identity among Bisexual, Pansexual, and Queer Identified Individuals
M. Paz Galupo, Johanna L. Ramirez & Lex Pulice-Farrow.
Journal of Bisexuality

Sex Works : 1978-2005  / 

Del LaGrace Volcano ; Texte von Beatriz Preciado.Tübingen: Konkursbuch Verlag Claudia Gehrke, 2006 - 160 p.: ill.
uitgave: Tübingen: Konkursbuch Verlag Claudia Gehrke, 2006 - 160 p.: ill.
samenvatting: Aufregende Bilder zum queeren Sex von 1978 bis heute

signatuur: cat. (volca/sex) bb

Sex Works : 1978-2005
cat. (volca/sex) bb
Del LaGrace Volcano ; Texte von Beatriz Preciado.

Queer Turkey : Transnational Poetics of Desire  / 

Ralph J. Poole.Bielefeld: Transcript, 2022 - 259 p.: ill.
uitgave: Bielefeld: Transcript, 2022 - 259 p.: ill.
samenvatting: Before Erdogan's repressive politics took hold, queer cultures were more visible than ever in Turkey. Queer Turkey offers a broad range of reflections on queer Turkish cultures within a transnational, Euro-American context. Based on his experience in Istanbul, Ralph J. Poole shares his impressions of queer desires between Muslim tradition and global pop, observes what goes on in the hamam, and wonders about Arabesk culture. The book features discussions of queer travel writers, poets, playwrights, and film directors. Their multifarious works manifest the subtle and subversive ways in which artists crisscross the cultural borders of East and West. With its many facets of Turkish-Euro-American cultural interactions, Queer Turkey outlines a kaleidoscope of transnational poetics.

signatuur: cat. (poole/que) b


Queer Turkey : Transnational Poetics of Desire
cat. (poole/que) b ODE3
Ralph J. Poole.

To Be Seen. Queer Lives 1900 - 1950

München: NS-Dokumentationszentrum München, 2022 - 7 p.
uitgave: München : NS-Dokumentationszentrum München, 2022 - 7 p.
  1. lhbti
  2. geschiedenis
samenvatting: From October 7, 2022 - May 21, 2023 the exhibition TO BE SEEN: Queer lives 1900 - 1950 takes place at the Munich Documentation Center for the History of National Socialism. TO BE SEEN is devoted to the stories of LGBTQI+ in Germany in the first half of the 20th century. Through historical testimony and artistic positions from then and now, it traces queer lives and networks, the areas of freedom enjoyed by LGBTQI+, and the persecution they suffered.

signatuur: cat. (nsdok/see) k

To Be Seen. Queer Lives 1900 - 1950
cat. (nsdok/see) k

Queer African Cinemas  / 

Lindsey B. Green-Simms.Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2022 - 250 p.: ill.
uitgave: Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2022 - 250 p.: ill.
annotatie: Bibliogr.: p. 231-242; Filmogr.: p. 227-230.
samenvatting: In Queer African Cinemas, Lindsey B. Green-Simms examines films produced by and about queer Africans in the first two decades of the twenty-first century in an environment of increasing antiqueer violence, efforts to criminalize homosexuality, and other state-sanctioned homophobia. Green-Simms argues that these films not only record the fear, anxiety, and vulnerability many queer Africans experience; they highlight how queer African cinematic practices contribute to imagining new hopes and possibilities. Examining globally circulating international art films as well as popular melodramas made for local audiences, Green-Simms emphasizes that in these films queer resistance - contrary to traditional narratives about resistance that center overt and heroic struggle - is often practiced from a position of vulnerability. By reading queer films alongside discussions about censorship and audiences, Green-Simms renders queer African cinema as a rich visual archive that documents the difficulty of queer existence as well as the potentials for queer life-building and survival.

signatuur: cat. (green/que) b

Queer African Cinemas
cat. (green/que) b
Lindsey B. Green-Simms.

Queer Voices : in Times of COVID-19  / Motte Knaudt, Marieke Pras.

Groningen: Queer Pride Groningen, 2022 - 46 p.: ill.
uitgave: Groningen : Queer Pride Groningen, 2022 - 46 p.: ill.
  1. lhbti
  2. genderidentiteiten
  3. seksuele identiteiten
samenvatting: Queer Voices in Times of COVID-19 is a full colour magazine of 48 pages, printed on high quality paper. In interviews, art and personal notes from local queer folks, it explores different experiences with the COVID-19 pandemic and asks: How can we learn from each other in this ongoing crisis, and shape our future together without simply moving on? CONTENTS: Interview with Anne paired with art from Zoë Interview with Ro paired with art from Debanjana Interview with J paired with art from Celinda Personal notes from local queer folks on their hardships and joys during the pandemic Community takes on the meaning of "Queer" Community recommendations for queer media

signatuur: cat. (knaud/que) k

Queer Voices : in Times of COVID-19
cat. (knaud/que) k

Belonging : Portraits from LGBTQ Thailand  / 

Steve McCurry.New York, NY: The New Press, 2021 - 152 p.: ill.
uitgave: New York, NY: The New Press, 2021 - 152 p.: ill.
samenvatting: Thailand has long had the reputation as one of the most gay-friendly destinations in Asia, particularly Bangkok with its nightlife and its relative openness and safety. While this may be true for tourists and expats, the idea of Thailand as a haven for LGBTQ people and for same-sex couples, heavily promoted by the tourist industry, does not necessarily extend to Thais themselves. While Thailand is home to the largest LGBTQ communities in Asia, the reality for them is less accepting. Discrimination and exclusion targeting LGBTQ people continues despite a nominally progressive stance on inclusion, and same-sex marriage remains illegal. Against this backdrop, McCurry's lushly colored photographs take us into the vibrant LGBTQ community in Bangkok, and this beautifully packaged, affordably priced book gives us a series of close to one hundred moving and intimate portraits of people who are no longer welcome in the community in which they grew up, but who have forged a new life and a new meaning of family in the queer community. Steve McCurry is the artist behind some of the most iconic images in contemporary photography. His 1984 portrait of Sharbat Gula (?the Afghan girl?) on the cover of National Geographic remains widely recognized to this day. Now McCurry turns his attention to Thailand as part of a series of photobooks on LGBTQ communities around the world.

signatuur: cat. (mccur/bel) bb

Belonging : Portraits from LGBTQ Thailand
cat. (mccur/bel) bb
Steve McCurry.


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