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Bollywood Queer-spiracies: Re-complicating Indian Queerness through Decolonial Interpretation of Music  / Raagini Bora.

Amsterdam: Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA), 2022 - 67 p.
uitgave: Amsterdam : Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA), 2022 - 67 p.
  1. muziek
  2. lhbti
samenvatting: With a desire to question the unchallenged heteronormative nature of popular Indian music from the turn of the century, I pose the following research question - How can reparative reading queer mainstream Indian music between 1990 and 2010? I collaborated with eight Indian participants within the age range 18-25 who self-identify as queer to watch and queer-read music videos from their childhood, in order to consciously engage in alternative queer meaning-making processes. Using Eve Sedgwick's notion of reparative reading (2003) as a central method of analysis to queer music in order to bridge a disconnect between participants' nostalgic memory and their lived queer experiences. I also use queer-reading with the reparative motive of destabilising as assumed heteronormative gaze within the music. To retain complexities within queer experiences and visions, I use queer in a very broad way - across identities, experiences, practices and ways of existing that challenge oppressive normative structures in a decolonising vein (Kumar 2014). Queer Indian participants aged 18-25 recall an inarticulation of feelings when they would feel queer attraction or relatability to characters they 'should not' relate to. Heteronormative depictions of romantic relationships, problematic ideals of courtship, male-gaze centered standards of beauty, and negative representations of queerness (whenever there was any) contribute to a sense of disconnect in their experiences with media representation as queer kids. Several facets of the music were seen as markers of queerness and aided their queer-spiracies, such as gender ambiguity in lyrics, positionality of music creators and physical indicators like fashion. Participants deflected a heteronormative gaze of sexual orientation by reading homosexual desire. Beyond that, they also recognised gender nonconformity as queer, and blurred seemingly solid lines of demarcation between relationships in queer ways. It moves beyond seeing queerness as identities and practices, but rather as a lens to view the world, that disrupts the status quo and routinised oppressive structures.

signatuur: cat. (bora/bol)

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Bollywood Queer-spiracies: Re-complicating Indian Queerness through Decolonial Interpretation of Music
cat. (bora/bol)dgb grijs

Writing "INFINITYLOOPS" : Sericultural Trans-Migrations through Literature and Cultural Theory  / Thomas Dai.

GLQ : A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies, 29 (2023) 4 (oct), p. 453-475
bron: GLQ : A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies jaargang: 29 (2023) 4 (oct), p. 453-475
samenvatting: Transmigration refers to movements made across, between, through, or beyond spatial, spiritual, and bodily boundaries - motions to which queer and trans studies scholars have long imputed important political and social valences. This essay tracks the many transmigrations of the silkworm Bombyx mori, the source of commercial silk, through an archive of literary and critical writings by W. G. Sebald, Jacques Derrida, Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, and Jen Bervin. The author pays special attention to the trans-migration silkworms make through their own bodies, or metamorphosis, thus opening the way to a less anthropocentric account of transmigratory processes. This essay shows how silkworms and silk cross and recross the constructed lines dividing East and West, matter and language, natural and synthetic. In doing so, silkworms enter a broader collective of trans-migrating bodies in which certain bodies are granted free movement at the expense of other, often racialized, queer, or animal bodies. The author argues that the embodied, quotidian metamorphosis of the silkworm exemplifies an alternative mode of trans- migration that refuses transcendence and instead ties us, by silken threads, to the vicissitudes of the present moment.

signatuur: ts.

Writing "INFINITYLOOPS" : Sericultural Trans-Migrations through Literature and Cultural Theory
Thomas Dai.
GLQ : A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies

Wide-Open Desert : A Queer History of New Mexico  / 

Jordan Biro Walters.Seattle, WA: University of Washington Press, 2023 - 290 p.: ill.
uitgave: Seattle, WA: University of Washington Press, 2023 - 290 p.: ill.
samenvatting: Throughout the twentieth century, New Mexico's LGBTQ+ residents inhabited a wide spectrum of spaces, from Santa Fe's nascent bohemian art scene to the secretive military developments at Los Alamos. Shifting focus away from the urban gay meccas that many out queer people called home, Wide-Open Desert brings to life a vibrant milieu of two-spirit, Chicana lesbian, and white queer cultural producers in the heart of the US Southwest. Jordan Biro Walters draws on oral histories, documentaries, poetry, and archival sources to demonstrate how geographic migration and creative expression enabled LGBTQ+ people to resist marginalization and forge spaces of belonging. Significant figures profiled include two-spirit Diné artist Hastíín Klah, literary magazine editor Spud Johnson, ranchera singer Genoveva Chávez, and Cherokee writer Rollie Lynn Riggs. Biro Walters explores how land communes, art circles, and university classrooms helped create communities that supported queer cultural expression and launched gay civil rights activism in New Mexico. Throughout, Wide-Open Desert highlights queer mobility and queer creative production as paths to political, cultural, and sexual freedom for LGBTQ+ people.

signatuur: cat. (walte/wid) b

Wide-Open Desert : A Queer History of New Mexico
cat. (walte/wid) b
Jordan Biro Walters.


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