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Actie voor 'onzijdige' toiletten op scholen.

Parool 11-11-2014
bron: Parool 11-11-2014
samenvatting: Transgenders moeten op school naar een toilet kunnen zonder de aanduiding meisjes- of jongens-wc. COC en TNN voeren actie voor genderneutrale toiletten op honderd middelbare scholen. Voor transgenders, jongens en meisjes, is toiletbezoek vaak een probleem.

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Actie voor 'onzijdige' toiletten op scholen.

To Pee or Not to Pee, that's the Question: An analysis of how people navigate sex/gender segregated public bathrooms in the Netherlands  / Puck van Tussenbroek.

Amsterdam: Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA), 2022 - 81 p.
uitgave: Amsterdam : Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA), 2022 - 81 p.
  1. genderidentiteiten
  2. lhbti
samenvatting: In this thesis, I explore how normatively and non-normatively gendered people in the Netherlands navigate sex/gender segregated public bathrooms. The bathroom has become a key space in which broader anxieties around gender in society are foregrounded. Therefore, it is especially a place of sociological interest to me considering how gender is done, reinforced and policed with its implications on all its users. In this study, I focus on how people (1) navigate public bathroom inequalities in facilities and design (2) do and police gender in public bathrooms (3) approach the contemporary public bathroom debate. My findings are based on 14 semi-structured interviews with cisgendered women, men and genderqueer, trans, non-binary and genderfluid people situated in the Netherlands. By putting in conversation both dominant and marginalized voices, I unravel how toilets form a relief to some and an obstipation to others. I take on a social interactionist approach and draw on queer theory to understand how gender separated public bathrooms and interactions within the spaces constitute of and reinforce gendered in- and exclusions as narrated by my interviewees. Using a thematic analysis, I map out and analyze key themes and discourses which my interviewees employ while making sense of the public bathroom space.

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To Pee or Not to Pee, that's the Question: An analysis of how people navigate sex/gender segregated public bathrooms in the Netherlands
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( DE:"openbare toiletten" )

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