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Vrouwenstudies in de cultuurwetenschappen  / 

Rosemarie Buikema, Anneke Smelik (red.).Muiderberg: Coutinho, 1993 - 251 p.
uitgave: Muiderberg: Coutinho, 1993 - 251 p.
annotatie: Bibliogr.: p. 228-249
samenvatting: A.d.h.v. analyses van Alice Walkers The color purple, wordt nagegaan wat vrouwenstudies heeft opgeleverd voor geschied-, literatuur-, taal- en theaterwetenschap, filmkunde, muziekwetenschap, kunstgeschiedenis en massacommunicatie.

signatuur: cat. (vrouwens/cul) b

Vrouwenstudies in de cultuurwetenschappen
cat. (vrouwens/cul) b
Rosemarie Buikema, Anneke Smelik (red.).

Queer episodes in music and modern identity  / 

ed. by Sophie Fuller and Lloyd Whitesell.Urbana, IL: University of Illinois Press, cop. 2002 - vii, 324 p.: ill.
uitgave: Urbana, IL: University of Illinois Press, cop. 2002 - vii, 324 p.: ill.
samenvatting: "Queer Episodes in Music and Modern Identity" approaches modern sexuality by way of music. Through the hidden or lost stories of composers, scholars, patrons, performers, audiences, repertoires, venues, and specific works, this intriguing volume explores points of intersection between music and queerness in Europe and the United States in the years 1870 to 1950 - a period when dramatic changes in musical expression and in the expression of individual sexual identity played similar roles in washing away the certainties of the past. Pursuing the shadowy, obscured tracks of queerness, contributors unravel connections among dissident identities and concrete aspects of musical style, gestures, and personae.On one end of the spectrum are intense, private connections and tantalizing details of musical expression: romantic correspondence between Eugenie Schumann (a daughter of Clara and Robert) and the singer Marie Fillunger; John Ireland's confessional letters to a close friend of an illicit passion for young choristers; 'closet formations' in the music of composers such as Maurice Ravel, Edward Elgar, and Camille Saint-Saens. At the other extreme are public, often flamboyant intimations of deviance and their repercussions: the craze for male impersonators in American vaudeville between 1870 and 1930; the politics of appropriation implicit in showy transcriptions by pianists such as Liberace; the increasingly homophobic reception accorded Tchaikovsky's music in the early twentieth century.The authors also explore how traces of queerness can mark communities, such as groups of German men who fashioned homosexual identities by way of the cult of Wagner or women musicians who were assigned suspect or deviant status by virtue of being jazz instrumentalists. Throughout these discussions, music provides the accompaniment for confrontations between disparate conventions of social propriety and diverse forms of sexual identity. These provocative essays open the consideration of music and sexuality to an exciting new sense of inbetweenness, passage, and diversion. The contributors are Byron Adams, Philip Brett, Malcolm Hamrick Brown, Sophie Fuller, Mitchell Morris, Jann Pasler, Ivan Raykoff, Fiona Richards, Eva Rieger, Gillian Rodger, Sherrie Tucker, and Lloyd Whitesell.

signatuur: cat. (queer/epi) b


Queer episodes in music and modern identity
cat. (queer/epi) b ODE3
ed. by Sophie Fuller and Lloyd Whitesell.

Was ist Homosexualität? : Forschungsgeschichte, gesellschaftliche Entwicklungen und Perspektiven  / 

Hrsg. von Florian Mildenberger ... [et al.].Hamburg: Männerschwarm, 2014 - 576 p.
uitgave: Hamburg: Männerschwarm, 2014 - 576 p.
samenvatting: Die von Ärzten begründete Sexualwissenschaft war das Produkt einer intensivierten Betrachtung abweichenden menschlichen Verhaltens. Erst mit der Definition von 'Homosexualität' als das Andere geriet auch die 'Heterosexualität' in der zweiten Hälfte des 19. Jahrhunderts in den Fokus der Wissenschaften. Seit Ende des 20. Jahrhunderts wird das binäre Konstrukt von "Homosexualität/Heterosexualität" durch neue Begrifflichkeiten wie "Gender", "Queer" oder "LGBT*" grundlegend in Frage gestellt und aufgebrochen. Diese Neubetrachtung menschlicher Sexualitäten erfolgt in der Phase der sich entfaltenden Globalisierung der Märkte, des Niedergangs medizinisch arbeitender sexualwissenschaftlicher Institute und der zunehmenden Akzeptanz gleichgeschlechtlicher Lebensweisen in der westlichen Welt. Parallel jedoch zeichnet sich die zunehmende Diskriminierung und Pathologisierung nicht-heterosexueller Sexualitäten jenseits der westlichen Welt ab, werden auch die historisch gewachsene 'normale Heterosexualität' und ihre Lebensweisen einem Wandel unterzogen. 'Was ist Homosexualität?' - noch vor gut 20 Jahren hätte es auf die Frage zwar durchaus unterschiedliche, aber doch jeweils eindeutige Antworten gegeben. Im Kontext der rasanten Entwicklung der Sexualwissenschaften berührt sie heute die Frage nach Entstehung, Formierung und Veränderung sexueller Verhältnisse insgesamt. In über 20 Beiträgen stellen gerade jene WissenschaftlerInnen die Entwicklung der Homosexualitäten in den letzten 100 Jahren dar, die eine Neuorientierung der Sexualwissenschaft repräsentieren. Sie behandeln grundlegende Fragen und Definitionsentwürfe, beleuchten Theoriebildungen und Vernetzungen hin zu Trans* oder Queer und schildern die Entwicklungsgänge in Naturwissenschaften oder Kunst. Jeder Beitrag (einige in englischer Sprache) gibt so einen allgemeinverständlichen Überblick über sein Themengebiet und schließt mit einer ausführlichen Literaturliste, die zu weitergehenden Studien einlädt.

signatuur: cat. (was/hom/for) cb


Was ist Homosexualität? : Forschungsgeschichte, gesellschaftliche Entwicklungen und Perspektiven
cat. (was/hom/for) cb ODE3 NASLAG
Hrsg. von Florian Mildenberger ... [et al.].

Le chemin du labyrinthe : souvenirs d'orient et d'occident  / 

Alain Daniélou.Paris: Laffont, 1981 - 348, [16] p.: ill.
uitgave: Paris: Laffont, 1981 - 348, [16] p.: ill.
samenvatting: The author, a musician, artist, linguist, and traveler, explains how he became attracted to Hinduism and shares his impressions of India, where he has lived for twenty years.

signatuur: cat. (danielo/che) b

Le chemin du labyrinthe : souvenirs d'orient et d'occident
cat. (danielo/che) b
Alain Daniélou.

Music, Gender, and Sexuality  / Fred E. Maus.

samenvatting: Gender and sexuality did not become major topics in professional music scholarship until the late 1980s. But during the 1970s, feminist, lesbian-feminist, and gay liberation political movements, vigorous from the late 1960s on, already led to impressive interpretive and practical work on music. This work did not originate in academic music programs, but came from journalism, scholarly fields such as cultural studies, and practical music-making. However, from the late 1980s on, research on gender and sexuality in relation to music has been a productive and exciting field, with excellent scholarship from professional music scholars and fruitful interaction between musicology and other fields such as cultural studies. By now, there is far too much valuable research to summarize, or to represent in a brief reading list.

signatuur: dgb artikelen (maus/mus)

Music, Gender, and Sexuality
dgb artikelen (maus/mus)
Fred E. Maus.
In: The Cultural Study of Music : A Critical Introduction / ed. by Martin Clayton, Trevor Herbert, and Richard Middleton. - New York, NY : Routledge, 2011. - p. 317-329.

Trans Sonorities in Grey Grant's "Drones for the In-Between Times"  / Penrose M. Allphin.

TSQ : Transgender Studies Quarterly, 8 (2021) 3 (aug), p. 394-402
bron: TSQ : Transgender Studies Quarterly jaargang: 8 (2021) 3 (aug), p. 394-402
samenvatting: Composer intent has generally been downplayed by contemporary music analysts, often being regarded as an example of an intentional fallacy at best and misleading at worst. This analysis of Grey Grant's choral work posits that such a dismissal not only ignores the potential for an enhanced expressive context afforded by composers' own assessments, but it also contributes to the silencing of already marginalized voices, such as in the case of transgender composers. The author proposes a methodology that incorporates the voices of living composers while circumventing concerns about confirmation bias by building on the framework of music theory, queer musicology, and queer theory. The article demonstrates this theoretical framework using an interview of a transgender composer to supplement an analysis of their contemporary choral piece. By analyzing the work with the added context of the composer's statements about their own music, the author paints a more complete picture of the work, one that reinvests music analysis with the trans voice behind the composition.

signatuur: ts.

Trans Sonorities in Grey Grant's "Drones for the In-Between Times"
Penrose M. Allphin.
TSQ : Transgender Studies Quarterly


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