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Sexual Orphanings  / Mary Zaborskis.

GLQ : A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies, 22 (2016) 4, p. 605-628
bron: GLQ : A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies jaargang: 22 (2016) 4 , p. 605-628
samenvatting: This essay examines the production of Native queer childhood in nineteenth- and twentieth-century boarding schools. I argue that the schools produced 'sexual orphanings' in Native children, which was achieved through education and abuse that queered Native children's conceptualizations of gender, sexuality, and kinship and produced shame. Sexual orphanings queered children away from their bodies and sexualities, which also worked to orient them away from the future. I turn to Tomson Highway's Kiss of the Fur Queen (1998) to consider what erotics might remain for these children and to look at how genocidal sexual orphanings might be recalibrated in Native fiction toward survivance rather than disappearance. [ Copies are available at http://glq.dukejournals.org/content/22/4/605.abstract]

signatuur: ts.

Sexual Orphanings
Mary Zaborskis.
GLQ : A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies

The queerness of Native American literature  / 

Lisa Tatonetti.Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press, 2014 - xxii, 278 p.: ill.
uitgave: Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press, 2014 - xxii, 278 p.: ill.
annotatie: Bibliogr.: p. 225-255.
samenvatting: In The Queerness of Native American Literature, Tatonetti recovers ties between two simultaneous renaissances of the late twentieth century: queer literature and Native American literature. She foregrounds how Indigeneity intervenes within and against dominant interpretations of queer genders and sexualities, recovering unfamiliar texts from the 1970s while presenting fresh, cogent readings of well-known works. In juxtaposing the work of Native authors?including the longtime writer-activist Paula Gunn Allen, the first contemporary queer Native writer Maurice Kenny, the poet Janice Gould, the novelist Louise Erdrich, and the filmmakers Sherman Alexie, Thomas Bezucha, and Jorge Manuel Manzano - with the work of queer studies scholars, Tatonetti proposes resourceful interventions in foundational concepts in queer studies while also charting new directions for queer Native studies. Throughout, she argues that queerness has been central to Native American literature for decades, showing how queer Native literature and Two-Spirit critiques challenge understandings of both Indigeneity and sexuality.

signatuur: cat. (taton/que) b

The queerness of Native American literature
cat. (taton/que) b
Lisa Tatonetti.

Written by the body : Gender expansiveness and indigenous non-cis masculinities  / 

Lisa Tatonetti.Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press, 2021 - x, 293 p.
uitgave: Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press, 2021 - x, 293 p.
annotatie: Bibliogr.: p. 253-273.
samenvatting: Within Native American and Indigenous studies, the rise of Indigenous masculinities has engendered both productive conversations and critiques. Lisa Tatonetti intervenes in this conversation with "Written by the Body" by centering how female, queer, and/or Two-Spirit Indigenous people take up or refute masculinity, and, in the process, offer more expansive understandings of gender. "Written by the Body" moves from the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century archive to turn-of-the-century and late-twentieth-century fiction to documentaries, HIV/AIDS activism, and, finally, recent experimental film and literature. Across it all, Tatonetti shows how Indigenous gender expansiveness, and particularly queer and non-cis gender articulations, moves between and among Native peoples to forge kinship, offer protection, and make change. She charts how the body functions as a somatic archive of Indigenous knowledge in Native histories, literatures, and activisms - exploring representations of Idle No More in the documentary Trick or Treaty, the all-female wildland firefighting crew depicted in Apache 8, Chief Theresa Spence, activist Carole laFavor, S. Alice Callahan, Thirza Cuthand, Joshua Whitehead, Carrie House, and more. In response to criticisms of Indigenous masculinity studies, "Written by the Body" de-sutures masculinity from the cis-gendered body and investigates the ways in which female, trans, and otherwise nonconforming masculinities carry the traces of Two-Spirit histories and exceed the limitations of settler colonial imaginings of gender.

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Written by the body : Gender expansiveness and indigenous non-cis masculinities
cat. (taton/wri) b
Lisa Tatonetti.


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