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Marilyn  / James Anderson.

Attitude, 1 (2001) 89 (1 sep), p. 22-23
bron: Attitude jaargang: 1 (2001) 89 (1 sep), p. 22-23
samenvatting: Interview with British pop singer and 1980's 'gender-bender' Marilyn (born Peter Robinson) about his life after recovering from heroin addiciton and his friendship with Boy George.

signatuur: ts.

James Anderson.
(1 sep)

The body as crowbar : transcending or stretching sex?  / Alkeline van Lenning.

Feminist Theory, 5 (2004) 1 (april), p. 25-47
bron: Feminist Theory jaargang: 5 (2004) 1 (april), p. 25-47
samenvatting: Can paradoxical or ambiguous sexual identities and practices change, or even go beyond, the meanings of masculinity and femininity? In other words: can the body be a source of social change? To answer this question I turn to the work of two theorists: Luce Irigaray and Judith Butler. After an account of their ideas, various sexual practices and identities will be described. The question is whether these practices and identities affect the meanings of masculinity and femininity. It will be concluded that, even in our postmodern world with its technological opportunities the division into the two sexes is extraordinarily persistent. However, we can expect some change from the extension of the categories of masculinity and femininity, rather than from attempts to break free from them altogether.

signatuur: dgb artikelen (lenni/bod)

The body as crowbar : transcending or stretching sex?
dgb artikelen (lenni/bod)
Alkeline van Lenning.
Feminist Theory

Intersexuality and the Law : Why Sex Matters  / 

Julie A. Greenberg.New York, NY: New York University Press, 2012 - x, 169 p.
uitgave: New York, NY: New York University Press, 2012 - x, 169 p.
samenvatting: The term "intersex" evokes diverse images, typically of people who are both male and female or neither male nor female. Neither vision is accurate. The millions of people with an intersex condition, or DSD (disorder of sex development), are men or women whose sex chromosomes, gonads, or sex anatomy do not fit clearly into the male/female binary norm. Until recently, intersex conditions were shrouded in shame and secrecy: many adults were unaware that they had been born with an intersex condition and those who did know were advised to hide the truth. Current medical protocols and societal treatment of people with an intersex condition are based upon false stereotypes about sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, and disability, which create unique challenges to framing effective legal claims and building a strong cohesive movement. In Intersexuality and the Law, Julie A. Greenberg examines the role that legal institutions can play in protecting the rights of people with an intersex condition. She also explores the relationship between the intersex movement and other social justice movements that have effectively utilized legal strategies to challenge similar discriminatory practices. She discusses the feasibility of forming effective alliances and developing mutually beneficial legal arguments with feminists, LGBT organizations, and disability rights advocates to eradicate the discrimination suffered by these marginalized groups. This volume will enlighten readers about societal and legal conceptions of sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, and disability and the role that legal institutions can play in challenging discriminatory practices based on sex, gender, and disability stereotypes.

signatuur: cat. (greenb-j/int) b


Intersexuality and the Law : Why Sex Matters
cat. (greenb-j/int) b ODE3
Julie A. Greenberg.

Pressing Back : Split Britches? Lost Lounge and the Retro Performativity of Lesbian Performance  / Nicole Eschen.

Journal of Lesbian Studies, 17 (2013) 1 (jan-mar), p. 56-71
bron: Journal of Lesbian Studies jaargang: 17 (2013) 1 (jan-mar), p. 56-71
samenvatting: Using theories of affect and queer temporality, this article examines Split Britches? Lost Lounge as lesbian resistance to the pressures to remember or forget the past, condemn or embrace the future. In this piece, butch-femme duo and Lois Weaver develop a retro performativity that pushes back against systems that strive to make lesbianism invisible, private, and apolitical. Through performances that resignify past pop culture artifacts, particularly the duo of and Keely Smith, Shaw and Weaver perform a past that is simultaneously lost and embodied, pressuring the audience to reconsider notions of progress and beauty. [ Copies are available at http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/10894160.2012.683380#.VMpWHaLYjrw ]

signatuur: ts.

Pressing Back : Split Britches? Lost Lounge and the Retro Performativity of Lesbian Performance
Nicole Eschen.
Journal of Lesbian Studies

YGB : Young Gender Bender  / Steve van Velzen.

Winq / GK (2014) 62 (mei), p. 65-69
bron: Winq / GK (2014) 62 (mei), p. 65-69
samenvatting: Vier piepjonge jongens vertellen over hun leven als drag queen en wat daar allemaal bij komt kijken. Want hoewel zij zich onherkenbaar transformeren tot een heel ander persoon, stellen zij zich tegelijkertijd bijzonder kwetsbaar op.

signatuur: ts.

YGB : Young Gender Bender
Steve van Velzen.
Winq / GK

Vloeibare identiteit  / Corinne van der Velden.

Parool 2 08-03-2014
bron: Parool 2 08-03-2014
samenvatting: Gender benders - mensen die balanceren op de grens tussen man en vrouw - zijn tegenwoordig overal. Aantal gender benders komen aan het woord.

signatuur: full_text

Vloeibare identiteit
Corinne van der Velden.

Midnight at the palace : my life as a fabulous Cockette  / 

Pam Tent.Los Angeles, CA: Alyson, 2004 - 274, [16] p.: ill.
uitgave: Los Angeles, CA: Alyson, 2004 - 274, [16] p.: ill.
samenvatting: David Weissman and Bill Weber's 2002 documentary, The Cockettes, wowed audiences at the Sundance Film Festival and shined a bright new light on the Cockettes. Now one of the founding members of the legendary troupe takes us inside this flamboyant ensemble of countercultural radicals, who decked themselves out in drag and glitter for a series of legendary midnight musicals at the Palace Theater in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. Arriving in San Francisco in 1969 from suburban Detroit, Pam Tent met Hibiscus, a New York actor who had dropped out. One night, in burst of LSD-fueled spontaneity, Sweet Pam took to the stage in a cellophane hula skirt, when Hibiscus and a group of friends commandeered the stage of the Palace during The Nocturnal Dream Shows, a weekly midnight eclectic film series, to perform a chorus line dance to "Honky Tonk Woman." The Cockettes were born! Pam Tent's account recalls the heyday of the rebellious, gender-bending troupe, the inevitable infighting that accompanied fame, and finally how a Rex Reed column raving about the Cockettes led to a disastrous New York opening where the audience - which included John Lennon, Gore Vidal, Angela Lansbury and Anthony Perkins - walked out in droves. The Cockettes gave their last performance in the autumn of 1972. But despite their short life, the Cockettes' unique burst of cultural experimentation and artistic outrageousness continues to influence the worlds of theater, music, fashion, gay politics, gay spirituality, and urban club life.

signatuur: cat. (tent/mid) b

Midnight at the palace : my life as a fabulous Cockette
cat. (tent/mid) b
Pam Tent.

Flexiseksueel  / Gijsbert Kamer.

Volkskrant 16-05-2014
bron: Volkskrant 16-05-2014
samenvatting: Popmuziek is in staat gebleken om mensen die worstelen met hun seksuele identiteit een houvast te geven. Dat de als Tom Neuwirth geboren Conchita Wurst popmuziek als medium heeft gekozen om haar 'gender bending' bespreekbaar of op z'n minst zichtbaar te maken, is niet nieuw. Het plaatst haar juist in een lange traditie. Zo worden o.a. David Bowie, Boy George en Lady Gaga als rolmodel opgevoerd.

signatuur: full_text

Gijsbert Kamer.

Esther Eng : Filmmaker, Restaurateur, Gender Rebel  / Christianne A. Gadd.

Outhistory.org (2016) (sep)
bron: Outhistory.org (2016)(sep)
samenvatting: Esther Eng (1914-1970) made a name for herself as the world's first female Chinese-American filmmaker, a successful restaurateur, and 'rejecting social expectations' as a woman who felt little need to hide her romantic and sexual relationships with other women.

signatuur: full_text

Esther Eng : Filmmaker, Restaurateur, Gender Rebel
Christianne A. Gadd.

Prince's Legacy: 'Set your mind free'  / J. Ken Stuckey.

Gay & Lesbian Review, 23 (2016) 5 (sep-oct), p. 20-23
bron: Gay & Lesbian Review jaargang: 23 (2016) 5 (sep-oct), p. 20-23
samenvatting: Prince (1958-2016) debuted as a disco artist at precisely the moment when Stonewall's revolution was giving way to Reagan's. Throughout his career, Prince would continue to experiment with gender and sexual boundaries, but the most politically radical part of his 35-year career was already behind him. Prince may have tamped down his gender-fluid image, but he never seemed so preoccupied by anyone's approval. His androgyny coexisted with a string of relationships with beautiful women of every hue, each of whom seemed to exist exclusively for his own pleasure. Dez Dickerson, an early bandmate of Prince's during his Revolution years, told Prince biographer Touré that Prince's affinity for sex and gender experimentation was entirely about marketing and not his own sexual questioning. Androgyny may not have been his authentic orientation, but it served as his authentic artistic view.

signatuur: ts.


Prince's Legacy: 'Set your mind free'
ts. full_text
J. Ken Stuckey.
Gay & Lesbian Review


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