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The Queer Commons  / eds. Gavin Butt and Nadja Millner-Larsen

GLQ : A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies, 24 (2018) 4 (oct), p. 395-578
bron: GLQ : A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies jaargang: 24 (2018) 4 (oct), p. 395-578
samenvatting: This special issue takes its lead to explore the tentative relation between the 'common'and the 'queer". How might the category queer open up a discourse that has emerged as one of the most important challenges to contemporary neoliberalization at both the theoretical and the practical level? Table of Contents: - Introduction: The Queer Commons / Nadja Millner-Larsen, Gavin Butt. - p. 399-419. - "Dead Addicts Don't Recover": ACT UP's Needle Exchange and the Subjects of Queer Activist History / Christina B. Hanhardt. - p. 421-444. - "Wages for housework means wages against heterosexuality": On the Archives of Black Women for Wages for Housework and Wages Due Lesbians / Beth Capper, Arlen Austin. - p. 445-466. - The Sum of All Questions: Returning to the Clit Club / Julie Tolentino ...[et al.]. - p. 467-488. - The Affective Commons: Gay Shame, Queer Hate, and Other Collective Feelings / Eric Stanley. -p. 489-508. - Second nature : 2nd Nature: On Ultra-red, TLC, and Dependency / Amalle Dublon. - p. 509-516. - Queering Commons in Turkey / Cenk Özbay, Evren Savci. -p. 516-521. - The Anarcho-Queer Commons of Dennis Cooper's Blog, The Weaklings: A Brief History / Diarmuid Hester. - p. 522-527. - How to Block the Extractive View / Macarena Gómez-Barris. - p. 527-532. - The Lonely Letters/ Ashon Crawley. - p. 532-538. - The Jubilee of 2033/ Zach Blas. - p. 538-542. - Queerness and Video Games: Queer Game Studies and New Perspectives through Play / Bonnie Ruberg. - p. 543-555. - Living On / Leon J. Hilton. - p. 557-559. - Kinking Race Pleasures / Jordan Victorian. - p. 560-562.

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The Queer Commons
eds. Gavin Butt and Nadja Millner-Larsen
GLQ : A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies


( DE:"gay shame" )

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