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Literatuurwijzer feministische filmstudies Utrecht  / 

[samengest. door] Yvonne van Ast.Utrecht: Anna Maria van Schuurman Centrum, Vakgr. Vrouwenstudies Letteren, 1994 - 170 p.
uitgave: Utrecht: Anna Maria van Schuurman Centrum, Vakgr. Vrouwenstudies Letteren, 1994 - 170 p.
samenvatting: Selectie van boeken en art. op het gebied van de feministische filmtheorie, onderverdeeld in de volgende hoofdstukken: de Hollywoodfilm (w.o. melodrama en science fiction); de Europese film; de feministische film; theorievorming; lesbische seksualiteit en/in film; etnicititeit en/in film; populaire cultuur; postmodernisme.

signatuur: cat. (liter/fem) cb

Literatuurwijzer feministische filmstudies Utrecht
cat. (liter/fem) cb
[samengest. door] Yvonne van Ast.

Rare filmpjes  / Anja Oeyen, Monique Philips ; Alexander d'Hoest.

Zizo (1996) 15 (mrt/apr), p. 14-16
bron: Zizo (1996) 15 (mrt/apr), p. 14-16
samenvatting: Interview met een student over zijn studie naar homofilms.

signatuur: ts.

Rare filmpjes
Anja Oeyen, Monique Philips ; Alexander d'Hoest.

Double focus : feministische filmtheorie en de filmproduktie van vrouwen  / samenst.: Nita Smit.

Lover, 21 (1994) 3 (sep), p. 23-26
bron: Lover jaargang: 21 (1994) 3 (sep), p. 23-26
samenvatting: Uitganspunt voor deze bibliografie is het zoeken naar de relatie tussen theorie en praktijk. Er wordt een overzicht gegeven van een aantal standaarwerken die de ontwikkeling van het vakgebied markeren. Daarnaast titels over filmtheorie, vrouwelijk kijkplezier, het vrouwelijk lichaam, vrouwelijke regisseurs en filmfestivals.

signatuur: ts.

Double focus : feministische filmtheorie en de filmproduktie van vrouwen
samenst.: Nita Smit.

Vrouwenstudies in de cultuurwetenschappen  / 

Rosemarie Buikema, Anneke Smelik (red.).Muiderberg: Coutinho, 1993 - 251 p.
uitgave: Muiderberg: Coutinho, 1993 - 251 p.
annotatie: Bibliogr.: p. 228-249
ISBN: 9062839134
samenvatting: A.d.h.v. analyses van Alice Walkers The color purple, wordt nagegaan wat vrouwenstudies heeft opgeleverd voor geschied-, literatuur-, taal- en theaterwetenschap, filmkunde, muziekwetenschap, kunstgeschiedenis en massacommunicatie.

signatuur: cat. (vrouwens/cul) b

Vrouwenstudies in de cultuurwetenschappen
cat. (vrouwens/cul) b
Rosemarie Buikema, Anneke Smelik (red.).

Lesbian studies : setting an agenda  / 

Tamsin Wilton.London [etc.]: Routledge, 1995 - IX, 234 p.
uitgave: London [etc.]: Routledge, 1995 - IX, 234 p.
annotatie: Bibliogr.: p. 205-228.
ISBN: 0415086566
samenvatting: Onderzoekt hoe lesbische seksualiteit in kunst, sociologie, psychologie, feminisme en 'social policy' wordt aangevallen en vormgegeven.

signatuur: cat. (wilto-t/les) b

Lesbian studies : setting an agenda
cat. (wilto-t/les) b
Tamsin Wilton.

College course file: AIDS, the mass media, and cultural politics  / Justin Wyatt.

Pornography and sexual representation = Journal of Film and Video, 45 (1993) 2/3 (summer/fall), p. 91-105
bron: Pornography and sexual representation = Journal of Film and Video jaargang: 45 (1993) 2/3 (summer/fall), p. 91-105
samenvatting: Lesprogramma van een college filmkunde over de berichtgeving en beeldvorming rondom aids in de massamedia en de verbeelding van kwesties rondom aids in film- en videoprodukties.

signatuur: cat. art. (porno/sex) b

College course file: AIDS, the mass media, and cultural politics
cat. art. (porno/sex) b
Justin Wyatt.
Pornography and sexual representation = Journal of Film and Video

Straight Studies Modified : Lesbian Interventions in the Academy  / 

ed. by Gabrielle Griffin and Sonya Andermahr,London [etc.]: Cassell, 1997 - x, 244 p.
uitgave: London [etc.]: Cassell, 1997 - x, 244 p.
annotatie: Bibliogr.
ISBN: 0304336300
samenvatting: Gauges the impact lesbians have made within higher education in the last twenty years or so in disciplines ranging from geography, linguistics, biology, information technology (IT) and the law to health studies, philosophy, cultural, theatre and film studies, and including lesbian studies itself. In chapters by lesbians from Australia, Canada, the UK and the US, this remarkable degree of lesbian presence across the academy is subjected to a rigorous critique by the contributors to this volume who analyze issues such as the notion of specifically lesbian knowledge in various academic disciplines, the impact of lesbian feminism and of queer on the emergence of lesbians within higher education and the problematic of incorporating lesbian studies within the academy. From the downright pessimistic to the seriously celebratory, contributors interrogate the effects lesbians as activists, teachers and researchers have had, and continue to have, on changing disciplines and the academy.

signatuur: cat. (strai/stu) b

Straight Studies Modified : Lesbian Interventions in the Academy
cat. (strai/stu) b
ed. by Gabrielle Griffin and Sonya Andermahr,

Caravaggio  / 

Leo Bersani & Ulysse Dutoit.London: BFI, 2021 - 95 p.: ill.
uitgave: London: BFI, 2021 - 95 p.: ill.
ISBN: 9781839022562
samenvatting: Caravaggio (1986), Derek Jarman's portrait of the Italian Baroque artist, shows the painter at work with models drawn from Rome's homeless and prostitutes, and his relationship with two very different lovers: Ranuccio, played by Sean Bean, and Lena, played by Tilda Swinton. It is probably the closest Derek Jarman came to a mainstream film. And yet the film is a uniquely complex and lucid treatment of Jarman's major concerns: violence, history, homosexuality, and the relation between film and painting. In particular, according to Leo Bersani and Ulysse Dutoit, Caravaggio is unlike Jarman's other work in avoiding a sentimentalising of gay relationships and in making no neat distinction between the exercise and the suffering of violence. Film-making involves a coercive power which, for Bersani and Dutoit, Jarman may, without admitting it to himself, have found deeply seductive. But in Caravaggio this power is renounced, and the result is Jarman's most profound, unsettling and astonishing reflection on sexuality and identity.

signatuur: cat. (bersa/car) b

cat. (bersa/car) b
Leo Bersani & Ulysse Dutoit.

Rainer Werner Fassbinder Transmedial  / 

Werner C. Barg , Michael Töteberg (Hg.).Marburg: Schüren, 2020 - 224 p.: ill.
uitgave: Marburg: Schüren, 2020 - 224 p.: ill.
annotatie: Bibliogr.: p. 196-223
ISBN: 9783741003622
samenvatting: "Er war sich seines Nachruhms bewusst. Natürlich hat er sich für den größten deutschen Filmregisseur aller Zeiten gehalten. Selbstverständlich." Das schreibt Rolf Giesen in diesem Buch über Rainer Werner Fassbinder. 38 Jahre nach Fassbinders Tod zeigt sich, wie modern er gearbeitet hat: Er bewegte sich innovativ zwischen medialen Erzählwelten. Fassbinder schrieb und inszenierte für das Theater wie für den Film, er adaptierte eigene wie fremde literarische Vorlagen, nutzte heterogene Stile und Genres und machte sie zu seinen eigenen. Nahm er sich eines Stoffes mehrfach an, handelte es sich nie um bloße Zweitverwertungen, sondern um Bearbeitungen für ein anderes Medium. Diesem ästhetischen Konzept gehen die Beiträge des empfohlenen Buches aus heutiger Sicht nach.

signatuur: cat. (barg/rai) b


Rainer Werner Fassbinder Transmedial
cat. (barg/rai) b ODE3
Werner C. Barg , Michael Töteberg (Hg.).

The Oxford Handbook of Queer Cinema  / 

Ronald Gregg, Amy Villarejo (eds.).New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2021 - xv, 844 p.: ill.
uitgave: New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2021 - xv, 844 p.: ill.
annotatie: Bibliogr.: p. 811-818.
samenvatting: The term "queer cinema" is often used to name at least three cultural events: 1) an emergent visual culture that boldly identifies as queer; 2) a body of narrative, documentary, and experimental work previously collated under the rubric of homosexual or lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans (LGBT) cinema; 3) a means of critically reading and evaluating films and other visual media through the lens of sexuality. By this expansive account, queer cinema encompasses more than a century of filmmaking, film criticism, and film reception, and the past twenty-five years have seen the idea of "queer cinema" expand further as a descriptor for a global arts practice. As the first of its kind, The Oxford Handbook of Queer Cinema treats these three currents as art and critical practice, bringing the canon of queer cinema together with a new generation of makers and scholars. The Handbook's contributors include scholars who research the worldwide canon of queer cinema, those who are uniquely positioned to address three decades of its particular importance, and those best positioned to ponder the forms it is taking or may take in our new century, namely digital media that moves in new circuits. In eight sections, they explore the many forms that queer cinema takes across time, discussing narrative, experimental, documentary, and genre filmmaking, including pornography. Likewise, although the study of cinema and media is not restricted to a single method, chapters showcase the unique combination of textual analysis, industrial and production history, interpretation, ethnography, and archival research that this field enables. For example, chapters analyze the ways in which queer cinema both is and is not self-evidently an object for study by examining films that reinforce negative understandings of queerness alongside those that liberate the subject; and by naming the films that are newly queered, while noting that many queerly-made texts await discovery. Finally, chapters necessarily assert that queer cinema is not an Anglophone phenomenon, nor is it restricted to the medium of film.

signatuur: cat. (gregg/oxf) b


The Oxford Handbook of Queer Cinema
cat. (gregg/oxf) b ODE3 NASLAG
Ronald Gregg, Amy Villarejo (eds.).


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