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Queer Politics in Spain : There is Life after Same-Sex Marriage Legislation  / Susana López Penedo.

Jindal Global Law Review, 4 (2012) 1 (aug), p. 238-263
bron: Jindal Global Law Review jaargang: 4 (2012) 1 (aug), p. 238-263
samenvatting: This article analyses the evolution of the gay and lesbian movement in Spain during the past forty years, from the final years of Franco?s dictatorship and the transition to democracy to the achievement of same-sex marriage rights in 2005. The article focuses on the influence of Queer Theory and queer activism in the gay and lesbian movement and, more widely, in the politics of other Spanish social movements. The article analyses the debate between the gay and lesbian movement and queer activists about the implications of focusing on same-sex marriage instead of developing a radical critique of heteronormativity. The author explores the effects that achieving same-sex marriage has had in the dynamics of the LGBT movement. As reclaiming the right to marry for gay and lesbian people was the main political objective of the LGBT movement, once the right was achieved it left the movement with a lack of political direction and a need to readdress its priorities. The author argues that the Spanish case is a good example of the limited effectiveness of strategies that focus on the discourse of rights and laws and their inability to stop social and cultural homophobia. She explores the contribution of queer activism in the politics of current Spanish social movements, beyond LGBT activism, especially in the discourse of the new M-15 movement which emerged as a result of the social discontent created by the current international economic crisis and that has inspired the Occupy Movement beyond the Spanish borders.

signatuur: dgb artikelen, map jindal global law review (lopez/que)

Queer Politics in Spain : There is Life after Same-Sex Marriage Legislation
dgb artikelen, map jindal global law review (lopez/que)
Susana López Penedo.
Jindal Global Law Review

Same-Sex Marriage and the Queer Politics of Dissensus  / Ben Trott.

SAQ : South Atlantic Quarterly, 115 (2016) 2 (apr), p. 411-423
bron: SAQ : South Atlantic Quarterly jaargang: 115 (2016) 2 (apr), p. 411-423
samenvatting: In many liberal polities, there is an emerging 'common sense' that it is unjust to deny same-sex couples the right to marry, if they so choose. This popular conception of things could certainly claim support in the liberal political philosophy of John Rawls and others. Yet, as many queer critics have noted, the rights won through "marriage equality" are also caught up with significant dangers and difficulties, including the displacement of what, drawing on the work of Jacques Rancière, I call a queer politics of "dissensus" by a new "homonormative" consensus. In itself, however, a straightforward rejection of same-sex marriage, along with the norms and normativities it doubtless helps reproduce, would do little to contest the operations of power that animate them, as even marriage's most trenchant queer critics recognize. I argue that the recent rapid rise in support for same-sex couples' access to the rights marriage confers partly derives from the precariousness experienced in these times of political economic crisis, which follow the widespread elimination of less privatized forms of security by decades of neoliberalism. As such, a queer politics of dissensus today would need to entail processes of "de-individualization" and the production of new collective political subjects capable of demanding rights shareable in ways that create space for queer forms of life, including those illegible to the institution of marriage.

signatuur: dgb artikelen (trott/sam)

Same-Sex Marriage and the Queer Politics of Dissensus
dgb artikelen (trott/sam)
Ben Trott.
SAQ : South Atlantic Quarterly

Pride Amsterdam afgelast vanwege coronacrisis : 'De Pride hóórt buiten'  / Patrick Meershoek.

Parool 16-04-2020
bron: Parool 16-04-2020
samenvatting: De 25ste verjaardag van Pride Amsterdam kan in augustus niet worden gevierd. Het jaarlijkse evenement is afgeblazen in verband met de maatregelen tegen het coronavirus. Het afblazen van de Pride is een financiële klap voor de Stichting Amsterdam Gay Pride (AGP). Het bestuur denkt nog na over alternatieven.

signatuur: full_text

knipsel (amsterdam pride)

Pride Amsterdam afgelast vanwege coronacrisis : 'De Pride hóórt buiten'
full_text knipsel (amsterdam pride)
Patrick Meershoek.

A Social Member in Good Standing : Pittsburgh's Gay After-Hours Social Clubs, 1960-1990  / Harrison Apple.

Tucson: University of Arizona, 2021 - 259 p.
uitgave: Tucson : University of Arizona, 2021 - 259 p.
  1. geschiedenis
  2. homoseksualiteit
samenvatting: This dissertation addresses desire for queer community history and the historically situated creation of community knowledge. Drawing on my work as founding co-director of the Pittsburgh Queer History Project, I approach this subject through the study of an underground gay and lesbian social club network that emerged in mid-century Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Between 1960 and 1990, these private clubs functioned as a technology of sexual community membership that simultaneously indexed the shifting geography of segregation and economic upheaval while Pittsburgh transitioned from an industrial manufacturing hub to part of the neoliberal global economy. These clubs flourished during an intermittent period of industrial decline and urban crisis while the mainstream political presence of gay and lesbian communities grew nationwide. Preceding landmark shifts in civic recognition and civil rights protections for sexual minorities at the city, state, and national level, the story of these clubs traces the inner life of civic management in urban crisis through a community under duress. Following this historical analysis, the dissertation questions the imperative and authority to archive and make public the reaining media and ephemera from the clubs as part of a larger LGBTQ community heritage imagination.

signatuur: cat. (apple/soc) dgb grijs

A Social Member in Good Standing : Pittsburgh's Gay After-Hours Social Clubs, 1960-1990
cat. (apple/soc) dgb grijs

Truck Sluts, Petrosexual Countrysides, and Trashy Environmentalisms  / Nicholas Tyler Reich.

TSQ : Transgender Studies Quarterly, 9 (2022) 1 (feb), p. 65-83
bron: TSQ : Transgender Studies Quarterly jaargang: 9 (2022) 1 (feb), p. 65-83
samenvatting: If the climate crisis, undergirded as it is by oil dependency, can be called "cis" insofar as it is driven by cisheteronormativity, then it requires a response to oil that is broadly trans- transgender, transspecies, trans-corporeal, trans-material. Rural petro-masculine iconography elides and erases our oil dependencies by pretending to a total control over fossil fuels and thereby a control over cultural and material formations of stable, binaric gender and sex. To think outside these foreclosures of both nonbinaric genders and oil's animacy, this essay introduces readers to Truck Sluts, an Instagram account that puts rural trucking culture at the center of a three-fold t4t exchange: trans-for-trans, trans-for-trucks, and a more expansive trans-for-trans* that crosses materialities. The author argues that Truck Sluts explicitly models these kinds of exchange and that doing so unseats the cisheterosexism of the petro-masculine rural, which is necessarily environmentalist work.

signatuur: ts.

Truck Sluts, Petrosexual Countrysides, and Trashy Environmentalisms
Nicholas Tyler Reich.
TSQ : Transgender Studies Quarterly


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