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In de naam van Salomé  / 

Julia Alvarez ; vert. [uit het Engels] door Tom van Beek.Amsterdam: Luitingh Sijthoff, cop. 2001 - 383 p.
uitgave: Amsterdam: Luitingh Sijthoff, cop. 2001 - 383 p.
annotatie: Oorspr. titel en uitg.: In the name of Salomé. - Chapel Hill, NC : Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 2000.
samenvatting: Roman waarin de 65-jarige professor Camilla terugkijkt op haar leven en dat van haar dominerende moeder en haar onuitgesproken liefde voor een vrouw.

signatuur: cat. (alvar/in) fb

In de naam van Salomé
cat. (alvar/in) fb
Julia Alvarez ; vert. [uit het Engels] door Tom van Beek.

Fighting AIDS in South America  / Jim Hodgson.

ILGA Bulletin (1988) 5-6, p. 39
bron: ILGA Bulletin (1988) 5-6 , p. 39

signatuur: ts.

dgb periodieken, map open up

Fighting AIDS in South America
ts. dgb periodieken, map open up
Jim Hodgson.
ILGA Bulletin

To be gay in Santo Domingo  / Jim Hodgson.

Rites, 4 (1987) 1 (may), p. 12
bron: Rites jaargang: 4 (1987) 1 (may), p. 12
samenvatting: Homoseksualiteit en lesbisch zijn in de Dominicaanse republiek.

signatuur: ts.

To be gay in Santo Domingo
Jim Hodgson.

Mistaken sex: culture, biology and the third sex in New Guinea  / Gilbert Herdt.

samenvatting: 'Pseudo-hermafrodieten' in de Dominicaanse Republiek en Nieuw Guinea.

signatuur: cat. art. (third/sex) b

Mistaken sex: culture, biology and the third sex in New Guinea
cat. art. (third/sex) b
Gilbert Herdt.
In: Third sex, third gender : beyond sexual dimorphism in culture and society / ed. by Gilbert Herdt. - New York, NY : Zone Books, 1994. - p. 419-445.

Men who sell sex : international perspectives on male prostitution and AIDS  / 

ed. by Peter Aggleton ; [with a foreword by Dennis Altman].London: UCL Press, 1999 - xix, 282 p.
uitgave: London: UCL Press, 1999 - xix, 282 p.
samenvatting: Bundel artikelen over de redenen waarom mannen seks verkopen, en over de pleziertjes en risico's die ermee gemoeid zijn. Bijdragen van deskundigen uit 21 klanden, incl. De VS, Canada, Groot Brittannië, Nederland, Marokko, India, Brazilië en Peru. Doel van de bundel is dit taboegebied enigszins te ontmythologiseren en misvattingen over mannelijke sekswerkers uit de weg te ruimen.

signatuur: cat. (men/who/sel) b

Men who sell sex : international perspectives on male prostitution and AIDS
cat. (men/who/sel) b
ed. by Peter Aggleton ; [with a foreword by Dennis Altman].

Divagaciones Baj la Luna - Musing under the Moon  / 

edited by Jacqueline Jeménez Polanco.New York, NY: Santo Domingo, 2006 - 182 p.+ 1 losse bl.
uitgave: New York, NY: Santo Domingo, 2006 - 182 p.+ 1 losse bl.
samenvatting: Writings, lyrics, essays and poetry by lesbian women from the Dominican Republic.

signatuur: cat. (divag/baj) b

Divagaciones Baj la Luna - Musing under the Moon
cat. (divag/baj) b
edited by Jacqueline Jeménez Polanco.

Caribbean Pleasure Industry : Tourism, Sexuality and AIDS in the Dominican Republic  / 

Mark Padilla.Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press, 2007 - xvii, 294 p.
uitgave: Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press, 2007 - xvii, 294 p.
samenvatting: Synopsis In recent years, the economy of the Caribbean has become almost completely dependent on international tourism. And today one of the chief ways that foreign visitors there seek pleasure is through prostitution. While much has been written on the female sex workers who service these tourists, "Caribbean Pleasure Industry" shifts the focus to the men. Drawing on his ground-breaking ethnographic research in the Dominican Republic, Mark Padilla discovers a complex world where the global political and economic impact of tourism has led to shifting sexual identities, growing economic pressures, and new challenges for HIV prevention. In fluid prose, Padilla analyzes men who have sex with male tourists, yet identify themselves as "normal" hetero-sexual men and struggle to maintain this status within their relationships with wives and girlfriends. Padilla's exceptional ability to describe the experiences of these men will interest anthropologists, but his examination of bisexuality and tourism as much-neglected factors in the HIV/AIDS epidemic makes this book essential to anyone concerned with health and sexuality in the Caribbean or beyond.

signatuur: cat. (padil/car) b


Caribbean Pleasure Industry : Tourism, Sexuality and AIDS in the Dominican Republic
cat. (padil/car) b ODE3
Mark Padilla.

Male Sex Work : A Business Doing Pleasure  / Todd G. Morrison, Bruce W. Whitehead, guest editors.

Journal of Homosexuality, 53 (2007) 1/2, p. i-xxxvi, 1-318
bron: Journal of Homosexuality jaargang: 53 (2007) 1/2 , p. i-xxxvi, 1-318
samenvatting: CONTENTS INTRODUCTION "It's a Business Doing Pleasure With You": An Interdisciplinary Reader on Male Sex Work Page Range: 1 - 6 Todd G. Morrison PhD, Bruce W. Whitehead -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ON THE STREETS Male Prostitution: Pathology, Paradigms and Progress in Research Page Range: 7 - 35 David S. Bimbi PhD (candidate) The body of research on male sex workers (MSWs) in the social science literature has evolved concurrently with the research that de-pathologized homosexuality. Unfortunately, the majority of studies focusing on MSWs have been dominated by paradigms that dehumanize the researched. Psychopathology, social deviance and, with the advent of HIV, MSWs as "vectors of disease," framed research questions. Further, many researchers have focused on typologies of MSWs, reporting respective associated characteristics. However, the knowledge gained by past research was often a product of the places MSWs were sampled; social scientists relied heavily on street MSWs, although other places and venues for sex work existed. What has been learned through this narrow focus has often been generalized to all men engaged in sex work resulting in stigmatization, stereotyping, and demonization. In the past decade, two important developments related to the field of sex work have been introduced. First, researchers have embraced a new paradigm that respects MSWs' personal motivations for sex work. Dominant among these motivations is the view of sex work as a job and, hence, a valid source of income. Second, the Internet has emerged as a new venue for sex work; a venue to which researchers are just beginning to turn their gaze. Keywords: Male sex work, research, psychopathology, deviance, Internet -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sex and the Unspoken in Male Street Prostitution Page Range: 37 - 73 Kerwin Kaye PhD (candidate) Although the overwhelming majority of male prostitutes work through agencies or by placing their own ads, most studies of male prostitution focus upon young men who work on the street. Remarkably, these studies seldom identify the dynamics of poverty and street-level violence as important elements of their examination. Investigations of male sex work-few though they are-focus almost exclusively upon sexual aspects of "the life." Despite the importance of these networks in shaping the contours of street life, and often in enabling one's very survival, the primary research focus has remained on questions of sexual identity, sexual practices with clients, and sexual abuse as a causative factor. Meanwhile, studies that do examine the dynamics of male street life typically do not examine questions of prostitution or other issues related to sexuality. A dominant theme within this literature consists of specifying the social mores of the most aggressive and socially problematic participants within street society, particularly gang members and drug dealers. The dissimilar nature of these images relates directly to the political projects of the dominant culture, which, in a very general way, seeks to "rescue" (reintegrate) deviant white youth, while controlling and excluding deviant youth of color. The political aim of reintegrating runaways into middle-class trajectories has the effect of authorizing certain discourses regarding their behavior on the streets, while marginalizing or completely disallowing others. This article seeks to examine and challenge these trends of representation. Keywords: Male prostitution, street life, youth homelessness, urban poverty -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exploring the Interpersonal Relationships in Street-Based Male Sex Work: Results from an Australian Qualitative Study Page Range: 75 - 110 David Leary MCouns, PhD (candidate), Victor Minichiello PhD While the literature on male sex work has increased significantly over the past decade, few studies examine the influence of relational dynamics in the lives of those engaged in male sex work. This qualitative study, conducted with a sample of male street sex workers in Sydney, Australia, explores how relationships color their involvement with sex work. The findings reveal the complexity of their relationships and how their interactions with others shape their engagement in sex work. The data also offer insight into how exit pathways are influenced by money and relationships that occur within this particular male sex work setting. Implications for health policy and intervention are considered. Keywords: Male sex work, street sex culture, relationships, adolescents, prostitution -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IN THE CLUBS Power and Control in Gay Strip Clubs Page Range: 111 - 127 Joseph R. G. DeMarco The gay strip club is a place in which more than displays of male beauty take place. The mix of customers, performers, liquor, and nudity results in fascinating dynamics. Of interest in this article are the power relationships and issues of control played out both among and between strippers and customers. Based on extensive participant observation conducted in eight cities and numerous bars/clubs and including more than 150 in-depth interviews, this article concerns just one aspect of the world of male strippers who perform for men. Keywords: Male strippers, gay strip bars, erotic labor, power -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alienation of Sexuality in Male Erotic Dancing Page Range: 129 - 152 David M. Boden JD, PhD This ethnographic study investigates a male-for-male gender arrangement of erotic dancing. Analysis of the data suggests that the men in this occupation understand their labor as titillation, a pleasurable erotic flirtation, for the entertainment of the consumer. Central to the performance is a constructed sexuality that is not reflective of the desires of the dancer but, rather, those of the consumer. The alienation of the dancer from his sexuality may result in behaviors and encounters that violate his normative and moral expectations. Keywords: Sexuality, males, strippers, eroticism, sex work, homosexuality -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Closing of Atlantis Page Range: 153 - 172 Jonathan David Jackson This article examines the author's experience of cultural bias as a spectator at a now-defunct, predominately white, working class American burlesque house called Club Atlantis in Baltimore, Maryland. The club was well known in the mid-Atlantic region for its all-nude male dancers. According to the author, Club Atlantis was less known for its sometimes subtle and sometimes overt unwelcome treatment of black American or dark-skinned patrons and its unwritten policy of banning black American or dark-skinned would-be strippers. Based on personal observations and informal interviews conducted between 2002 and 2004, and written in a manner common to the author's disciplines of creative nonfiction and the performing arts, the article argues for increased examination of erotic performance as a form of sex work. The article also argues for further study of the racial politics of commercial sex. Keywords: Cultural bias, erotic performance, stripping, racial politics, class, sex work -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ON THE NET AND BEYOND Porn Star/Stripper/Escort: Economic and Sexual Dynamics in a Sex Work Career Page Range: 173 - 200 Jeffrey Escoffier This article explores the career dynamics of performers in the gay male pornography industry, by focusing on a common career pathfrom porn star to stripper to escort. Between 1995 and 2005, most men performing in gay porn films, unlike contract actresses in the straight porn industry, have been unable to earn enough income to work exclusively as performers in front of the camera. The industry's constant search for new faces and fresh performers creates what sociologist Paul Cressey has called "the retrogressive dynamic": The longer a person works in a sexual occupation, the less one is paid, and the lower the status of the work venue. In the porn industry, one aspect of this process is referred to as "overexposure," during which the performer experiences a diminishing "fantasy potential" as fans lose erotic interest in the porn star who has appeared too frequently in too many movies. Performers attempt to confront the retrogressive dynamic by limiting the number of adult films in which they appear in a year, diversifying their sexual repertoire, or shifting into other roles within the industry (behind the camera, marketing, production, etc.). One common option is to pursue work in economically complementary forms of sex work such as stripping and escorting. Keywords: Sex work, porn star, stripper, escort, pornography, gay porn industry, fantasy -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Nobody's Ever Going to Make a Fag Pretty Woman": Stigma Awareness and the Putative Effects of Stigma Among a Sample of Canadian Male Sex Workers Page Range: 201 - 217 Todd G. Morrison PhD, Bruce W. Whitehead BA The purpose of this study was to examine male sex workers' awareness of the social stigma surrounding involvement in the sex industry and the possible effects of that stigma. Personal interviews were conducted with 21 men (9 independent escorts who advertised via the Internet and 12 escorts/erotic masseurs who were on contract with an agency). Results indicated that a majority of interviewees believed sex work was stigmatized but attributed this stigma to society's tendency to conflate escort/erotic masseur with street-based prostitute and society's negative view of human sexuality in general and homosexuality in particular. It should be noted that interviewees did not necessarily perceive the gay community as more tolerant than the heterosexual community of persons involved in the male sex industry. In terms of how participants saw the sex trade, both prior to and during their involvement, multifarious viewpoints emerged (i.e., some engaged in "whore mythologizing" while others reported having no clearly defined perception of male sex workers). Finally, results suggested that some participants believed their involvement in a stigmatized industry was deleterious to them personally whereas others maintained that the consequences of being an escort/erotic masseur were largely positive. Keywords: Male prostitution, sex work, Canada, gay men, escorts -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking Beyond HIV: Eliciting Individual and Community Needs of Male Internet Escorts Page Range: 219 - 240 Jeffrey T. Parsons PhD, Juline A. Koken PhD (candidate), David S. Bimbi PhD (candidate) In evaluating the needs of male sex workers (MSWs), past research and community-based outreach efforts have assumed they should receive counseling and be educated regarding drug abuse and HIV/STI prevention. These assumptions have been based upon studies that predominantly sampled heterosexually identified men who work on the street as 'hustlers.' The purpose of this study was to set aside previous assumptions, and elicit directly from MSWs their perceived needs. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 46 gay and bisexual male escorts who advertise on the Internet, an understudied group that is expected to differ greatly from street-based MSWs. The men identified several areas where attention should be directed beyond safer sex, such as business advice (e.g., taxes, income investment) and assistance with navigating legal issues. These findings have direct implications for community-based organizations, advocates for MSWs, and men in the commercial sex industry. Keywords: Male escorts, gay men, sex work, advice, education -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'Western Union Daddies' and their Quest for Authenticity: An Ethnographic Study of the Dominican Gay Sex Tourism Industry Page Range: 241 - 275 Mark B. Padilla PhD, MPH This article draws on ethnographic research among two categories of male sex workers in the Dominican Republic in order to describe the relationships between gay male tourists and the Dominican men they hire on their trips to the Caribbean. Drawing on both qualitative interview data and quantitative surveys, the discussion examines the usefulness of theories of 'authenticity,' as they have been applied in the analysis of tourist practices more generally, in accounting for the behaviors and practices of male sex workers and their foreign gay clients. While the flow of international remittances from 'Western Union daddies' to their Dominican 'boys' creates a continuous reminder of the utilitarian nature of the exchange, both sex workers and clients are motivated to camouflage this instrumentality in their construction of a more 'authentic,' fulfilling relationship. The article examines the consequences of this ambivalent negotiation for the emotional and economic organization of gay male sex tourism in the Caribbean. Keywords: Male sex work, prostitution, tourism, authenticity, gay men, bisexuality, Dominican Republic -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONCLUSION Musings on Male Sex Work: A "Virtual" Discussion Page Range: 277 - 318 Rebecca L. Harriman PhD (candidate), Barry Johnston MA (candidate), Paula M. Kenny MA Contributors and editors were asked to respond to a series of questions concerning male sex work in order to stimulate an informal "conversation." Some of the topics explored include: why people seek the services of prostitutes; is the term "sex work" favorable to "prostitution"; is it right to pay for sex; and is exploitation a necessary part of the sex worker/client interchange? Contributors' responses were compiled and listed in the order they were received. Common elements of their responses are summarized and the advantages of this informal approach are articulated. Keywords: Male sex work, sex work, prostitution, sex industry [Copies are available from: Haworth Document Delivery Center. The Haworth Press, Inc., 10 Alice Street, Binghamton, NY 13904-1580, USA]

signatuur: ts.

Male Sex Work : A Business Doing Pleasure
Todd G. Morrison, Bruce W. Whitehead, guest editors.
Journal of Homosexuality
i-xxxvi, 1-318

Queer / Migration  / ed. by Eithne Luibhéid.

GLQ : A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies, 14 (2008) 2/3, p. 169-424
bron: GLQ : A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies jaargang: 14 (2008) 2/3 , p. 169-424
samenvatting: This special double issue of GLQ explores the interface between queerness and migration, challenging heterosexist and heteronormative assumptions that often underpin traditional migration scholarship. Refusing to treat queer migrants as a homogeneous group, the issue also insists that sexuality scholarship must rethink the role of migration in constructing heterogeneous sexual identities, communities, politics, and practices. Considering queer migration to the United States, from the Philippines, and between Australia and Asia, Russia and Israel, and France and the Dominican Republic, contributors critically examine how sexuality shapes all migration processes and experiences.The issue, featuring essays by both established and emerging scholars, situates queer migration within global processes of colonization, globalization, capitalism, nationalism, and slavery. One contributor argues that a queer Atlantic history emerged during the Middle Passage experience of slavery, connecting this history to the contemporary movement of Haitian refugees and Dominican migrant laborers. Another considers how the policing of queer migrant bodies and of unnatural offenses by colonial administration in the Nicobar and Andaman islands ultimately reconfigured the ecology of the entire Indian Ocean archipelago.Another contributor theorizes how gay couples comprised of young Asian emigres and considerably older white citizens negotiate Australian immigration policy to subvert dominant forms of nationalism and citizenship embedded in long histories of inequality between Australia and Asia. Other essays explore how transgender histories and theories transform queer migration scholarship; how queer complicities with contemporary neoliberal migration politics uphold regimes of violence and inequality; and how migration regimes and settlement policies in various parts of the world identify individuals as queer, deviant, or abnormal within racial, gender, class, cultural, and geopolitical hierarchies.

signatuur: ts.

Queer / Migration
ed. by Eithne Luibhéid.
GLQ : A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies

Lessons From the Front Lines : Effective Community-Led Responses to HIV and AIDS Among MSM and Transgender Populations.

New York, NY: amfAR, [2010] - 23 p.
uitgave: New York, NY : amfAR, [2010] - 23 p.
  1. hiv/aids
  2. homoseksualiteit
samenvatting: Rapport van aids-organisaties uit diverse landen over de manier waarop en hoe zij MSM en transvrouwen bereiken, wat de problemen/knelpunten zijn en aanbevelingen, best practices.

signatuur: cat. (lesso/fro/fro)

dgb grijs

Lessons From the Front Lines : Effective Community-Led Responses to HIV and AIDS Among MSM and Transgender Populations.
cat. (lesso/fro/fro)dgb grijs


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