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"It's all outward appearance-based attractions" : A qualitative study of body image among a sample of young gay and bisexual men  / Alvin Tran ... [et al.].

Journal of Gay and Lesbian Mental Health, 24 (2020) 3 (jul-sep), p. 281-307
bron: Journal of Gay and Lesbian Mental Health jaargang: 24 (2020) 3 (jul-sep), p. 281-307
samenvatting: This study explores the body image ideals among a racially/ethnically diverse sample of gay and bisexual men in the United States. Furthermore, it examines the role body image ideals play on mobile dating applications '?dating apps') for gay and bisexual men. Guided by Objectification Theory and Minority Stress Theory, 30 semi-structured interviews were conducted with young gay and bisexual men (ages 18-30 years) in Massachusetts. Using thematic analysis, three central themes emerged: 1) the ideal male body: muscular, thin, and light-skin toned; 2) discrimination; 3) navigating deviations from the ideal body: appearance comparison, retaliation, and body regulation and weight control behaviors. Our results suggest the dominant ideal male body is muscular and thin. Racial/ethnic minority participants added this ideal is further characterized as white/light-skin toned. Further, participants reported a wide variety of discriminatory experiences on dating apps, especially men deviating from the dominant body ideal. Over half of the men in our sample who reported use of dating apps recounted at least one experience of racial/ethnic discrimination or body weight and shape discrimination on dating apps. While some dating apps have modified their policies to promote inclusivity, further research into the impact of dating app-mediated discrimination are warranted.

signatuur: ts.

"It's all outward appearance-based attractions" : A qualitative study of body image among a sample of young gay and bisexual men
Alvin Tran ... [et al.].
Journal of Gay and Lesbian Mental Health

Queerness in the digital age: a scholarly roundtable  / M. Connolly ...[et al.].

Velvet Light Trap (2020) 86 (fall), p. 49-56
bron: Velvet Light Trap (2020) 86 (fall), p. 49-56
samenvatting: For this issue on queerness in the digital age, the Velvet Trap gathered a diverse group of scholars with a range of specialties related to queer theory and media. The conversation that follows touches on everything from dating apps to the films of John Waters to a livestreamed Indigo Girls concert, demonstrating the myriad ways digitality has affected queer media, representation, and audiences. Apropos of an issue concerned with digital spaces, this roundtable took place via email. The editors began this roundtable on March 9, 2020, only for closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic to begin in earnest a few days later. Thus, the participants' contributions began to reflect this fraught period toward the end of the conversation. This conversation has been edited for clarity.

signatuur: dgb artikelen (queer/dig)

Queerness in the digital age: a scholarly roundtable
dgb artikelen (queer/dig)
M. Connolly ...[et al.].
Velvet Light Trap

Rise of the sides: how Grindr finally recognized gay men who aren't tops or bottoms  / Jim Farber.

guardian.com 20-06-2022
bron: guardian.com 20-06-2022
samenvatting: The dating app's new category offers visibility to those who have long felt isolated when it comes to sex. Every month, nearly 11 million gay men around the world go on the Grindr app to look for sex with other men. Once there, they can scroll through an endless stream of guys, from handsome to homely, bear to twink. Yet when it comes to choosing positions for sex - a crucial criterion for most gay men - the possibilities have long been simply top and bottom. The only other choice available toggles between those roles: verse (for versatile). However, that finally changed. In mid-May, Grindr added a position called side, a designation that upends the binary that has historically dominated gay male culture. Sides are men who find fulfillment in every kind of sexual act except anal penetration. Instead, a broad range of oral, manual and frictional body techniques provide a release that's rich in emotional, physical and psychological rewards. Some adherents refer to these activities as "outercourse".

signatuur: dgb artikelen (farbe/ris)

Rise of the sides: how Grindr finally recognized gay men who aren't tops or bottoms
dgb artikelen (farbe/ris)
Jim Farber.

Cruising in-between immunity and community: A virtual ethnography of cruising in Istanbul  / Tankut Atuk.

Sexualities, 25 (2022) 5-6 (sep), p. 523-545
bron: Sexualities jaargang: 25 (2022) 5-6 (sep), p. 523-545
samenvatting: This article revisits the concept of (virtual) cruising with the purpose of uncovering an often-disregarded fact in queer theory: that cruising is equally about rejecting as it is about welcoming others/otherness. With the help of two critical conceptual tools, community and immunity, that I borrow from Italian philosopher Roberto Esposito, this paper discusses how a particular Geosocial Networking Application, Hornet, both enables and undermines the emergence of a virtual community in Istanbul, Turkey. While defying heteronormativity, Hornet reproduces violence in the shape of homonormativity, endangering what it claims to offer originally: community. By addressing cruising in relation not only to community but also immunity, this article makes an intervention in queer theory's tendency to reduce cruising to a universal welcoming of otherness. This paper aims to revisit both the communitarian potentials and immunitarian risks of cruising in the light of a rather politicized analysis grounded in the everyday experiences of ordinary people.

signatuur: ts.

Cruising in-between immunity and community: A virtual ethnography of cruising in Istanbul
Tankut Atuk.

The Grindr Torso  / Ilias Sapountzakis.

The Boy Is Beautiful, 1 (2022) 1 (summer), p. 22-30
bron: The Boy Is Beautiful jaargang: 1 (2022) 1 (summer), p. 22-30
samenvatting: You are alone. Your face in the dim light. A familiar sound is heard. The gap is being filled. The question "what are you looking for?" drops. You want to know. First for him and then for you. But what do you have to learn about yourself? Darkness covers the room. The only sound comes from your fingers scratching the glass. The light of the screen is reflected on your face. The space expands, and along with it the gap. The gaze penetrates into a "museum" that like a modern Atlas you hold in your hand. A virtual museum with few portraits and innumerous shredded bodies of ancient Greek beauty.

signatuur: ts.

The Grindr Torso
Ilias Sapountzakis.
The Boy Is Beautiful

No fats, no fems, no problems? Working out and the gay muscled body  / Jeremy Chow.

Sexualities, 25 (2022) 8 (dec), p. 1077-1095
bron: Sexualities jaargang: 25 (2022) 8 (dec), p. 1077-1095
samenvatting: This article investigates two ubiquitous slogans that circulate among gay social media apps: 'No Fats, No Fems' and 'Masc for Masc'. In their recurrence, both offer gendered readings of corporeality and ability, which equate muscled bodies with forms of desirable masculinity. In collecting data from SCRUFF, I document how gay male social media apps generate narrow definitions of masculinity that, like the slogans, uphold physical fitness and compulsory able-bodiedness as hallmarks of gay desirability. Alongside these trends, I highlight "working out" as an exceptional form of gay male labour that prioritises ability and transforms the muscled body into a commodity that is successfully advertised on these apps.

signatuur: ts.

No fats, no fems, no problems? Working out and the gay muscled body
Jeremy Chow.

De grote druk om er als homoman goed uit te zien  / Jonas Kooyman.

NRC 13-02-2023
bron: NRC 13-02-2023
samenvatting: In de gayscene heerst intolerantie jegens homo's die er niet 'goed' uitzien en debat over de enorme druk die veel mannen ervaren om zich te conformeren aan een schoonheidsideaal. Wat zegt het over het acceptatievermogen van een groep die zelf zo lang heeft gevochten voor acceptatie?

signatuur: knipsel (datum)

dgb artikelen (kooym/gro)

De grote druk om er als homoman goed uit te zien
knipsel (datum) dgb artikelen (kooym/gro)
Jonas Kooyman.

The gay scientist : Kane Race on the unexpected possibilities of experimental intimacies  / Jamie Hakim.

Sexualities, 26 (2023) 5-6 (sep), p. 574-584
bron: Sexualities jaargang: 26 (2023) 5-6 (sep), p. 574-584
samenvatting: In this interview with Jamie Hakim, Kane Race talks about his most recent monograph The Gay Science: Intimate Experiments With the Problem of HIV (2018). In The Gay Science, he explores how practices of sex and intimacy between gay men are shifting amidst what he calls the changing infrastructures of gay life - digital, chemical and communal. As such the book is empirically oriented and looks at a wide range of topics from hook-up apps, to PreP to chemsex/party 'n' play, to the history and politics of Sydney's Mardi Gras as they take place on the ground. Theoretically he blends the thought of philosophers such as Michel Foucault and Friedrich Nietzche with critical perspectives such as actor-network theory and Science and Technology Studies to argue that as scholars of sexual practice we need to pay more attention to what emerges within the contingencies of the assemblages and infrastructures that make sex between gay men possible. In so doing, the book is far more optimistic about gay sex and digital media then either popular media or influential strands of queer theory, offering path-breaking insight into the major concerns of this special issue on Chemsex Cultures.

signatuur: ts.

The gay scientist : Kane Race on the unexpected possibilities of experimental intimacies
Jamie Hakim.

Condoomverpakking 'Jock'  / Jock

2023. - M02361
beschrijving: Condoomverpakking met een foto van een halfnaakte gespierde man op de voorkant. In het midden staat in grote rode letters 'jock' en daaronder in kleine witte hoofdletters 'Jock L'appli de rencontre 100% Gay'. Onderaan staan in witte letters 'Flashe Moi' en een QR-code
extra info: Jock is een Franse Dating App voor homoseksuele mannen.
organisatie: Jock
h x b x d(cm): 6,4 x 6,4
land: frankrijk

Condoomverpakking 'Jock'


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