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Geography Club  / 

Brent Hartinger.New York, NY: HarperTempest, cop. 2003 - 226 p.
uitgave: New York, NY: HarperTempest, cop. 2003 - 226 p.
samenvatting: The novel follows a group of high school students who feel like outsiders, some because of their sexual orientations. The narrator, Russel Middlebrook, then finds himself helping his friend Min to form an after school club for the students, so that they can hang out together for support. It is the first book in The Russel Middlebrook Series

signatuur: cat. (harti/geo) fb

Geography Club
cat. (harti/geo) fb
Brent Hartinger.

The Cove Shivering Club  / 

Michael Curtin.London: Fourth Estate, 1996 - 316 p.
uitgave: London: Fourth Estate, 1996 - 316 p.
samenvatting: If you swam naked across the Cove and back on any of the chill Good Fridays from 1950-57, you were entitled to be a member of the Cove Shivering Club whose rules were: you don’t piss in the water and you don’t bring a woman.

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The Cove Shivering Club
cat. (curtin/cov) fb
Michael Curtin.

Vozen, vechten, zuipen : De Kring als lusthol  / Paul Arnoldussen, Annemieke Hendriks.

Parool 15-09-2007
bron: Parool 15-09-2007
samenvatting: De Kring bestaat 85 jaar. Het beeld van de brave, duffe jaren vijftig is voor De Kring ver bezijden de werkelijkheid. De sfeer op de kunstenaarsociëteit is broeierig en uitgelaten - onbevangener zal het er nooit meer worden. De Kring is een lusthol. Maar toch: wat te doen met de homo's? Een (bewerkte) voorpublicatie uit 'In intieme kring'.

signatuur: knipsel (datum)

Vozen, vechten, zuipen : De Kring als lusthol
knipsel (datum)
Paul Arnoldussen, Annemieke Hendriks.

Queer fun, family and futures in Duckie's performance projects 2010-2016  / Benjamin Alexander Walters.

London: Queen_Mary_University_of London, 2018 - 394 p.
uitgave: London : Queen_Mary_University_of London, 2018 - 394 p.
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samenvatting: This thesis argues that participatory performance projects can materialise better worlds for marginalised subjects. Drawing on and contributing to performance studies, queer studies and fun studies, it proposes a concept of reproductive queer futurity. This concept expands José Esteban Muñoz's work on queer futurity (a utopian position rooted in collective hope for better worlds for marginalised subjects) by foregrounding the intentional reproduction of technologies of hope. The thesis argues that reproductive queer futurity is well served by forms and processes that emerge from lived experience and operate autonomously and adaptively to generate hope in routine ways. The operation of these homemade mutant hope machines (as the thesis calls them) is powerfully supported by queer understandings of family (framed here in relation to material support and intergenerational transmission) and fun (framed here in relation to the perception of low stakes and the capacity for civic intervention). Participatory performance projects can make good homemade mutant hope machines. Chapter One articulates the concept of reproductive queer futurity. Chapters Two and Three respectively conceptualise revised understandings of queer family and fun. Subsequent chapters illustrate these concepts through case studies of participatory projects by the London-based queer performance collective Duckie (1995-), analysed primarily through participant observation, interviews and surveys. Chapter Four analyses the Duckie Homosexualist Summer School (2015-2016), a training programme for young LGBTQI+ performers. Chapter Five analyses the 'vintage clubbing' cycle of immersive nightlife events (2010-2016) reanimating past instances of queer socialising. Chapter Six analyses the Posh Club (2012-), an afternoon cabaret for older people at risk of isolation. These analyses show how low-stakes situations, material support, intergenerational transmission and reproducible forms and understandings enable self-expression, relationality and agency in contexts of marginalisation. Collectively, they show how structures of queer fun and family mobilised through participatory performance can generate hope and materialise better worlds.

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dgb grijs

Queer fun, family and futures in Duckie's performance projects 2010-2016
cat. (walte/que)dgb grijs

New club kids : London party fashion in the noughties  / 

Oggy Yordanov.London [etc.].: Prestel, 2011 - ongepag.: ill.
uitgave: London [etc.].: Prestel, 2011 - ongepag.: ill.
samenvatting: This book's vibrant photographs reveal the outrageous fashion of London's pulsating club scene in the 21st century. The Noughties saw the rise of a new generation of Club Kids following in the footsteps of their predecessors - the original Club Kids of New York City, who, in turn, had followed London's Blitz generation. In the early 1980s, the Blitz Club in London's Covent Garden became the focal point for an alternative club scene-frequented by Adam Ant, Boy George, Siouxsie Sioux and Steve Strange-which spawned even more radical clubs such as Leigh Bowery's infamous Taboo club in London's Leicester Square. Bowery famously enjoined, 'Dress as though your life depends on it or don't bother', a mantra the new Club Kids have adopted as their own. They dress outrageously, with a penchant for kitsch and anti-fashion. Often with a mixture of their own self-made outfits and carefully selected labels (predominantly Vivienne Westwood), oversized accessories, excessive amounts of make-up and frequently highly androgynous looks, these flamboyant clubbers have created a vibrant New Club Kids' scene in London's bohemian nightlife underground. Fabulous or trashy, beautiful or scary, glamorous or freaky - meet the New Club Kids in these incredible photographs.

signatuur: cat. (yorda-o/new) bb

New club kids : London party fashion in the noughties
cat. (yorda-o/new) bb
Oggy Yordanov.

Queer Premises : LGBTQ+ Venues in London Since the 1980s  / 

Ben Campkin.London [etc.]: Bloomsbury Academic, 2023 - xv, 278 p.: ill.
uitgave: London [etc.]: Bloomsbury Academic, 2023 - xv, 278 p.: ill.
annotatie: Bibliogr.: p. 258-268.
samenvatting: Queer Premises offers evidence for how London's diverse LGBTQ+ populations have embedded themselves into urban space, systems and resources. It sets out to understand how, across their different material dimensions, bars, cafés, nightclubs, pubs, community centres, and hybrids of these typologies, have been imagined, created and sustained. From the 1980s to the present, Campkin asks how, where, and why these venues have been established, how they operate and the purposes they serve, what challenges they face and why they close down. It argues that queer premises provide vital social and cultural infrastructure - a queer infrastructure - connecting different generations and locations, enabling politics and creativity and facilitating the movement of resources, across and beyond the city.

signatuur: cat. (campk/que) b

Queer Premises : LGBTQ+ Venues in London Since the 1980s
cat. (campk/que) b
Ben Campkin.

The Pride Atlas: 500 Iconic Destinations for Queer Travelers  / 

[lead author] Maartje Hensen.San Francisco, CA: Chronicle Books, 2023 - 400 p.: ill.
uitgave: San Francisco, CA: Chronicle Books, 2023 - 400 p.: ill.
samenvatting: Combining immersive photography with expertly researched travel writing, this is the ultimate guidebook for LGBTQ+ travelers-whether you're planning your next getaway, daydreaming from the comfort of your armchair, or seeking to learn about queer culture in other parts of the world. This swoon-worthy guide to the best places and events the queer world has to offer spans the globe, taking you from metropolitan must-sees, like the Castro in San Francisco or the Leslie Lohman Museum in New York, to lesser-known gems like the McIver Ladies' Baths in Sydney or the first gay bar in Nepal. Maartje Hensen and a diverse team of international travel writers have put together information on the best drag shows, Pride parades, and film festivals all around the world, as well as resources regarding laws, restrictions, and cultural attitudes-ensuring that travelers can safely enjoy their sojourns and find community wherever they go.

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The Pride Atlas: 500 Iconic Destinations for Queer Travelers
cat. (hense/pri) ab ODE3 NASLAG
[lead author] Maartje Hensen.

Iedere (haven-)stad heeft problemen als Antwerpen : Vele homo's hebben het moeilijk.

Parool 30-09-1960
bron: Parool 30-09-1960
samenvatting: Naar aanleiding van art. op de tegenoverliggende pagina over Antwerpen is de verslaggever zijn licht gaan opsteken bij het COC en komt met allerlei statistische gegevens. Wat hij/zij niet wil doen: "Daaruit zou men de conclusie kunnen trekken, dat homoseksualiteit en misdaad broertje en zusje zijn. Dit is nu even onjuist als onrechtvaardig."

signatuur: knipsel

Iedere (haven-)stad heeft problemen als Antwerpen : Vele homo's hebben het moeilijk.

[Twee voetballers die kussen]

samenvatting: Foto van twee voetballers die elkaar een kus geven op het voetbalveld. Tijdens de wedstrijd Sheffield en Leicester City komen de voetballers rechts Tony Carrie van Sheffield en Alan Birchenhall van Keicester City naast elkaar ten val. Als te beiden tegelijk rechtop gaan zitten zegt Alan tegen Carrie geef ons een kus en spontaat doet hij dat.
land uk

[Twee voetballers die kussen]


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