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'Ik heb nooit behoefte aan seks'  / Haroon Ali ; Amber Witsenburg.

Volkskrant 22-02-2022
bron: Volkskrant 22-02-2022
samenvatting: Interview met Amber Witsenburg die genderqueer en aseksueel is over coming out, aseksualiteit als identiteit en vooroordelen die daarbij horen.

signatuur: dgb artikelen (ali-h/ikh/noo)

'Ik heb nooit behoefte aan seks'
dgb artikelen (ali-h/ikh/noo)
Haroon Ali ; Amber Witsenburg.

A quick & easy guide to asexuality  / 

[written by] Molly Muldoon ; [drawn and co-written by] Will Hernandez.Portland, OR: Limerence Press, 2022 - 71 p.: ill.
uitgave: Portland, OR: Limerence Press, 2022 - 71 p.: ill.
samenvatting: Asexuality is often called The Invisible Orientation. You don't learn about it in school, you don't hear "ace" on television. So, it's kinda hard to be ace in a society so steeped in sex that no one knows you exist. Too many young people grow up believing that their lack of sexual desire means they are broken - so writer Molly Muldoon and cartoonist Will Hernandez, both in the ace community, are here to shed light on society's misconceptions of asexuality and what being ace is really like. This book is for anyone who wants to learn about asexuality, and for Ace people themselves, to validate their experiences. Asexuality is a real identity and it's time the world recognizes it. Here's to being invisible no more!

signatuur: cat. (muldo/qui) b

A quick & easy guide to asexuality
cat. (muldo/qui) b
[written by] Molly Muldoon ; [drawn and co-written by] Will Hernandez.

Asexuals negotiate the 'onslaught of the heteronormative'  / Tiina Vares.

Sexualities, 25 (2022) 5-6 (sep), p. 767-784
bron: Sexualities jaargang: 25 (2022) 5-6 (sep), p. 767-784
samenvatting: Although theorizing and research about asexuality have increased in the past decade, there has been minimal attention given to the emotional impact that living in a hetero- and amato-normative cultural context has on those who identify as asexual. In this paper, I address this research gap through an exploration of the 'work that emotions do' (Sara Ahmed) in the everyday lives of asexuals. The study is based on 15 individual interviews with self-identified asexuals living in Aotearoa New Zealand. One participant in the study used the phrase, 'the onslaught of the heteronormative' to describe how he experienced living as an aromantic identified asexual in a hetero- and amato-normative society. In this paper I consider what it means and feels like to experience aspects of everyday life as an ?'nslaught'. In particular, I look at some participants' talk about experiencing sadness, loss, anger and/or shame as responses to/effects of hetero- and amato-normativity. However, I suggest that these are not only ?negative? emotional responses but that they might also be productive in terms of rethinking and disrupting hetero- and amato-normativity.

signatuur: ts.

Asexuals negotiate the 'onslaught of the heteronormative'
Tiina Vares.

Gender uncoupled: Asexual people making sense of high school sex talk  / Yuchen Yang.

Sexualities, 26 (2023) 3 (mar), p. 388-406
bron: Sexualities jaargang: 26 (2023) 3 (mar), p. 388-406
samenvatting: Sociologists have documented sex talk as a crucial mechanism in the reproduction of heteronormativity in schools. In this highly sexualized context, how did asexual people make sense of sex talk? Drawing upon 21 retrospective interviews with asexual adults (between 18 and 31 years of age), I examined their accounts of sex talk in high school. Contrary to expectation, most of my respondents did not link sex talk to issues of masculinity/femininity, but instead framed it as about discovery of asexual identity, friendship, immaturity and inappropriate conduct, and/or simply meaningless noise. I suggest that the diverse range of gender ideologies and abundance of gender-coded symbols in our society enabled many respondents to assert asexuality-compatible femininities/masculinities, foreclose potential gender dilemmas, and retain a sense of security in their gender subjectivity. While the diverse narratives of sex talk encounters remind sociologists to appreciate asexual people's heterogenous experiences, the possibility of subjectively degendering sex talk and desexualizing gender challenges sociologists to adopt a multidimensional approach to understand gendered sexuality.

signatuur: ts.

Gender uncoupled: Asexual people making sense of high school sex talk
Yuchen Yang.

Hoe ik er door T achter kwam dat ik Ace ben  / Micha Meinderts.

Trans, 4 (2021) 1 (aug), p. 114-117
bron: Trans jaargang: 4 (2021) 1 (aug), p. 114-117
samenvatting: Micha Meinderts vertelt zijn verhaal als transman en aseksueel.

signatuur: ts.

Hoe ik er door T achter kwam dat ik Ace ben
Micha Meinderts.

"I was Very Relieved. Like, I'm Not Crazy, I'm Just Asexual and That's Okay" : A Study on the Relationship Between Asexuality and Self-Esteem in the Netherlands  / Lizzy Pruijssers.

Amsterdam: Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA), 2023 - 53 p.
uitgave: Amsterdam : Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA), 2023 - 53 p.
  1. psyche
  2. lhbtq
samenvatting: Asexuality can mean different things to those who identify within the asexual spectrum. Lack of sexual attraction is a common definition, though not a universal one. In heteronormative Dutch society, social norms and practices that result in a lack of knowledge, pathologization, stigmatization, and invisibility of asexuality seem to be colored by "compulsory sexuality". Compulsory sexuality refers to how social institutions assume and privilege sexuality while marginalizing asexuality. To understand how asexual people in the Netherlands negotiate within this marginalization, this thesis will address the following question: How does identifying within the asexual spectrum relate to one's self-esteem within Dutch society? Since this thesis is based on qualitative data, I analyze how participants' positive or negative attitudes toward themselves, in other words, their self-esteem, may be differently influenced while living in a heteronormative society. In doing so, I focus primarily on how and which societal norms and practices and identification frameworks relate to the process of verifying asexuality, and thus to my participants? self-esteem. I argue that identifying within the asexual spectrum can be related to one's self-esteem, but in complex and different ways, as intersectional identities intersect differently with compulsory sexuality in Dutch society. In addition, the identification frameworks that can affirm asexuality and improve self-esteem, differ from person to person, as everyone has their own personal reasons for identifying within the asexual spectrum.

signatuur: cat. (pruij/was)

dgb grijs

"I was Very Relieved. Like, I'm Not Crazy, I'm Just Asexual and That's Okay" : A Study on the Relationship Between Asexuality and Self-Esteem in the Netherlands
cat. (pruij/was)dgb grijs

Button Aseksuele vlag

2022. - M02278
beschrijving: Button met vier horizontale strepen in de kleuren van boven naar beneden: zwart, grijs, wit en paars
trefwoord: zaanpride - zaanstreek - vos, frank - ace - vlaggen
extra info: Aseksuele personen ervaren geen of weinig seksuele aantrekking naar andere personen. Hiermee zien wij aseksualiteit net als heteroseksualiteit, homoseksualiteit, biseksualiteit en andere seksuele geaardheden als een seksuele identiteit. De zwarte streep vertegenwoordigt aseksualiteit, de grijze streep vertegenwoordigt het grijze gebied tussen seksueel en aseksueel, de witte streep seksualiteit en de paarse streep gemeenschap.
organisatie: Stichting De Zaanse Regenboog
doorsnede(cm): 3,8
land: nederland

Button Aseksuele vlag

Button NOA  / NOA

2022. - M02380
beschrijving: Witte button met in de kleuren paars, zwart en grijs de tekst: 'NOA'. Onderaan de button drie personen in paars, grijs en zwart tinten die verschillende pride vlaggen vasthouden: regeboogvlag, aseksueel pride vlag, biseksueel pride vlag, demiseksueel pride vlag en de aromantische pride vlag.
trefwoord: nederlandse organisatie aseksualiteit
extra info: De Nederlandse Organisatie Aseksualiteit (NOA) is een belangenorganisatie voor de aseksuele gemeenschap in Nederland. Deze organisatie is 9 november 2019 opgericht met het doel bekendheid te geven aan aseksualiteit, vooroordelen weg te nemen, aanspreekpunt te zijn voor de aseksuele gemeenschap, en te werken aan destigmatisering en zichtbaarheid van aseksualiteit.
organisatie: NOA # Nederlandse Organisatie Aseksualiteit
doorsnede(cm): 3,2
land: nederland

Button NOA


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